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10 Beautiful Women’s Instagram Accounts to Follow

In the modern beauty culture, belief is that perfection is purpose. Unfortunately, this is changing and people want to look good to see how much they like modern people from the campaign to their advertising, and their colors. As a first-generation Filipino, I look for things, especially beauty, that celebrate different cultures and show off the beauty of brown skin.

If you do, then you might like the list of WOC manufacturers that are pushing traditional beauty companies to reconsider why, and who, they are making their products. Each of them is carefully crafted to enable you to enhance your sense of beauty, and most of all, the way you view beauty in yourself.

When you read this article, I don’t want you to just change your “different diets” because they are much deeper than just hitting the next button. One link between these women is to embrace every aspect of who they are, what their strengths are, and why people like to follow them — and why you will too!

Read on for 10 women who love the beauty of colors that rock the industry, great!

photo above: paola mathé by riley reed

NAME: Hannah Harris
IG HANDLE: @browngirlhands

ZA: Hannah Harris is the creator behind the simple, yet effective Instagram, Brown Girl Hands with brown girls hands holding the decorations, everything from Glossier to SuperGoop! What about having black hands carrying beautiful things that make such an impression? Well, the obvious lack of black hands that is reflected in beauty pageants, e-commerce, and social media accounts is something that Hannah Harris, the creator of Instagram, @browngirlhands is trying to change. Harris was inspired to start the story after reading Jessica Defino’s article, Where Are All Brown’s Hands? Because as Harris writes in his bio, “Black hands also adorn.”

NAME: Shiny
IG HANDLE: @ it.shiny

ZA: Shiny is a digital producer and skin rejuvenator in NYC. Acne is one of the most serious skin problems in the United States, yet in the community of people who love perfection, political neutrality, skin stability, and skin color have become quite commonplace in recent years. Shine helps to change attitudes towards “bad skin” by being alone. “The only way I could do this (for fear of going out without makeup) was to jump straight in and tell people about my insecurities,” she admits. “And now I think hmm, not as dangerous as I think! ” Now, Shiny’s skin message has gained 47k followers. Obviously, the easiest way to self is to jump to your favorite places.

NAME: Now Chandrasekar
IG HANDLE: @indiepeacock

ZA: Niharika is an artist and producer who uses paint as a showcase for himself and inspires others to create a strong sense of self with his bold and creative style using bright colors. Combining art with color in your style or beauty is a fun way to transform your energy and I hope it can drastically change your mind! One of the things that makes Niha so inspiring to follow on Instagram is how she embraces who she is and how she builds her relationship with what it means to be a South Asian woman. Her sense of beauty is self-evident and artistic, not striving for what people call beauty.

“I like to emulate my culture through my makeup inspired by Indian jewelry and solid color stories,” she tells me. “In my articles, I like to show the complexity of Indian women, which means that we not only show off or wear traditional Indian makeup but also strive to be bold and beyond expectations! I think this is where the real and genuine celebration of culture comes from. ”

NAME: Janibell Rosanne
IG HANDLE: @janibellrosanne

ZA: Janibell is an Afro-Caribeña beauty designer who uses fashion and beauty as a way to create things. Her job is to encourage girls not to believe in who they are and who they want to be. Beauty, twists, and styles — Janibell does it all. Her beauty is gorgeous and a little romantic. From sharing her natural hair journey to creating makeup that needs to be released it seems inspired by the world around her, like this self-made movie. One good thing about the internet is the girls who can be represented and displayed on the screen, even on Instagram, which represents a lot more than I grew up.

NAME: Tiffany Black
IG HANDLE: @tifffay

ZA: Proud Diné (Navajo), Tiffany Black is a beauty queen who is well-known for her flamboyant eye makeup. She collaborates with some amazing brands such as fashion designer, Quannah Rose who was recently featured on the cover of Vogue. At first glance, you might see bright colors, but Tiffany’s work goes on and on. Combining his passion for art with his Diné team, it contributes to his ability to increase awareness of the challenges of birth. In 2019, she shared her story about rape and the obvious way to talk about the epidemic of Missing and Killed Women affecting women in Canada and the US.

NAME: Nikki Lopez
IG HANDLE: @theholyglosspel

ZA: Nikki is the creator of the “The Shady Series” -hashtag on Instagram to match the original shades between the colors, which made them respond to the beauty to confirm how their shades are combined. One of my favorite things about Nikk’s “skinsta” is how he does not avoid acne, pimples, and shares his skin condition. His two best-known stories are “What’s On My Face?” where she talks about the skin care products she uses and “The Shady Series” that rocked her Instagram – here’s her photo review on Fenty Beauty. In a world of “perfect skin”, her insecurities surrounding her skin care journey are welcomed.

NAME: Kerr
IG HANDLE: @skinbykerr

ZA: Kerr is a Ghanaian-born beauty enthusiast who teaches people about skin care and is the creator of the #sundazescreen – a BIPOC sunscreen that never leaves white. Beyond that, Kerr is a dermatologist who loves Korean beauty. Her deep love for skincare started when she damaged her skin and has made it her goal to help BIPOC teach her how to take care of her skin from then on. She also hopes to increase the profile of black women in dermatology.

NAME: Bekah Sun
IG HANDLE: @bekah_sun

ZA: Bekah Sun is a beauty lover with a luxurious connection and perseverance in performing well in a beautiful setting. He is also a Ph.D. selected in social studies, observational studies, race studies, gender and sexuality education, and ethnography – I mean, wow! Her beauty encourages other black women to use beauty as a tool for play, experimentation, and satisfaction — her emphasis on this concept for self-satisfaction is almost perplexing. For many of the first generation, women of color were no option. Our families worked hard to provide the best education and the necessities of life without additional accommodations. To this day, many of my friends, who grew up in the first family, have struggled with the idea of ​​spending more money than they need to. Self-esteem is a well-established concept of self-esteem for women of color.

NAME: Noemie
IG HANDLE: @minobulu

ZA: Noémie is a digital lover and mother of three who lives in Los Angeles. This is one of my favorite beauty accounts because Noémie shares all the beautiful ideas she loves, such as what she can buy at Sephora’s sale in November. (Her Youth to the People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser rec certainly is on my list.) She shares honest reviews about the drug she is trying — without sugar coating. Check out his Instagram account “EMPTIES” for all the sales he uses. His account is probably the most informative account on this list.

NAME: Lucy Nguyen
IG HANDLE: @sundaywithlucy

ZA: Lucy Nguyen is a second-generation Vietnamese-American living in Austin, TX. Outside of her public work in refugee health and language justice, she is a producer of her shared experiences of fashion, stability, and culture. Dreams, vibe of Parisian on any day of the week, Lucy not only impresses on Sundays. I love her not only for her amazing beauty but also for her courageous faith in celebrating her Vietnamese American heritage. Lucy uses beauty, art, and fashion to reflect on her culture and to change the meaning of being Vietnamese American. “I have come to realize that beauty is not just a matter of personal taste but also of combination,” she says. “I see the beauty in the place. I feel that the most beautiful people in my mind have a strong connection to their roots, their community, and their culture, and they bring encouragement and joy wherever they go. ”

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