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10 Best Non-Cooking Online Cookies Must Offer

Make no mistake: sitting in the kitchen and cooking is one of my favorite ways to deal with stress. However, when the real desire for cookies arrives, I want something to be fulfilled, stat. During my solitude, I had a habit of mixing my favorite (and no doubt, very good) chocolate cookie dough. I cook a little at once, then shape the rest, put the flour balls in an airtight container, and place in the fridge so that the baked cakes are always ready. And even though this habit reduces the time I spend between my cravings and the first bite of a cookie, cookie, sometimes, I can’t wait for the oven to start burning. In that case, I turn to cookies. And, of course, I turn to the best non-cookie recipes I can find — in other words, the ten recipes below.

Non-cooking cookies are as simple as they are. Many recipes include cooking and strengthening a sauce that blends your ingredients together. Some recipes are advanced and do not cook and uncooked, which means all you have to do is mix a few sweet pieces together and allow them to set in the fridge. Once again, easy cooking on all its best.

But if you have never made cookies before, the idea may seem strange. Other than that, cookies plus time in the oven resemble the best scent you can smell in your kitchen. Before I get to the recipes, let me answer a few frequently asked questions about making your first team. Prepare yourself with a little raw recipes, then dive into the recipes below. And if you have any favorite cookies that I have not included here, share them with them! I can apply a little bit of cookie to my life.

How long can you keep uncooked cookies?

Here’s another reason why you can make a habit of not baking cookies. While most cooked cookies last several days in a tightly sealed container stored on the counter, uncooked cookies play a role. Prepare for this: Once your cookies are set you can expect many to last up to a few weeks if you store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container. The beauty of it, of course, is that you can double (or triple!) Your secret is to have regular cookies for days. That’s the level of preparation required to clap your hands.

Can you disable raw cookies?

Yes, yes, yes. If you want to keep your cookies fresh for a long time, a refrigerator is the way to go. For best results, place your cookies on a baking sheet and let them cool in the refrigerator for several hours. When very cold, place them in a sealed container. After that, your cookies can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three months. Some cookies are surprisingly freezing, but some may need to be heated before entering.

Let’s get to it! These are the best non-cookie recipes that you can make right away.

Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies from Minimalist Baker

Why We Love It: Minimalist Baker has blocked the vegetarian market I want to eat and repeat. It is also true of these uncooked cakes. It is a trifecta with peanut butter-y, chocolate, and a wonderful taste without any milk. These cookies are also very natural and use only the raw ingredients of the richest raw cookies you have ever eaten.

Hero Ingredients: All the bitter taste and texture comes from dark chocolate.

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No-Bake Salted Caramel Cups from Pinch of Yum

Why We Love It: I like cookies with layers. These beautiful little cups wrap around the oatmeal around the caramel salt. Finishing things with chocolate and sea salt is not negotiable. The recipe is based on all the good ingredients: pecans, pretzels, cut dates, and a large cup of black caramel sauce. You are welcome.

Hero Ingredients: The only thing better than caramel is the caramel salt. A little sprinkling of sea salt is easy.

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Non-Chocolate Chip Chip Cookie Bars from Roasted Root

Why We Love It: The six ingredients are wheat-free, sugar-free, and 100% paleo friendly. It may go a long way, but it also tastes great. If you are like me and patience is not one of your strengths, these are the cookies you will make. Because they do not have eggs either, you can skip a bit on the cross while your cookies are set.

Hero Ingredients: I love the nuts and the thick bite of the almond flour provides these bars.

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No-Bake Brownies

Why We Love It: Okay, then maybe I have a loose cookie meaning, but because they don’t use eggs, their texture is closer to cookies than brownies. They are starchy, chewy, and make good use of graham crumbs since lime keys have existed. They’re also packed with lots of goodies for you, with a few almonds, dried cranberries, and unsweetened coconut flakes bringing it all together.

Hero Ingredients: The sweetened milk makes these brownies rich, like a fudge as I think I’m not the only one I crave.

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Uncooked Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies from Plant Plants

Why We Love It: Another name: Nutella Bombs. That’s right, the outside of the cake is soft and delicious, but when you bite it, you get the smell of hazelnut chocolate. In addition, the boys are naturally adorned with the excellent maple juice of dates and dates. So if you are tempted to give this green light for your New Year’s resolutions, I will help you.

Hero Ingredients: There is no competition with Nutella.

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Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies from Live Well Roast Frequently

Why We Love It: Like many people, I have been in love with peanut butter since my first PB&J. The smooth, sweet texture and taste of the nuts make peanut butter suitable for spoon drinking. Not only does the peanut oil not only give the cakes their flavor, but they also make the sauce brighter which makes them look like chewy.

Hero Ingredients: Quickly cooked oats play the role of a very smooth mixture.

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No-Bake Snickerdoodle Bites from The Big Man’s World

Why We Love It: Snickerdoodles are simple, easy to counter. Not to love what? It is filled with hot cinnamon sticks and sweet, cracked sugar. The best recipes use a little tartar cream to make a delicious cake. Here, the heavenly appearance is due to the combination of almond and coconut flour, which makes the cakes lighter. They are like digging into a bowl of raw snickerdoodle dough without wanting-I-get-salmonella knee.

Hero Ingredients: Rolling each ball in a teaspoon of cinnamon sends the spice-sweet home.

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Uncooked Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies from A Beautiful Mess

Why We Love It: As soon as you think that the pumpkin limb has fallen off, you come to realize it is beautiful. They use techniques similar to any other method of raw peanut butter, just following their favorite fall until winter. You are left with eight ingredients to make delicious.

Hero Ingredients: I have to call nutmeg a part of the hero of any recipes they use. It plays with the taste of pumpkin while increasing its bite slightly.

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No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies from Fed + Fit

Why We Love It: If you like cookies that do not give the taste of nutritious food a bit, here are the ones you should make. Although it does not match your favorite salty salad, when I want a tasty treat, I just turn to it. They rely on an old blend of raw peanut butter, oats, and other stickers such as honey or maple juice as an ingredient. I always stay here to find a way to make sense.

Hero Ingredients: Because I am writing this, I am not ashamed to call peanut butter as a hero’s ingredient in several recipes.

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No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Cookies from How Sweet Eats

Why We Love It: If the phrase “cup of peanut butter” is in the name of the recipe, I know I should try it. Reese’s are down, * best * gifts for Halloween / Christmas / Valentine’s Day. Although I can always peel a cup of peanut butter and chocolate flavors all the time, sometimes I want at least a sweet… Then, these cookies come together. Also, plan to have your mind blown with something hidden.

Hero Ingredients: CHERE. Yes, every breakfast that a 90-year-old loves to come back and is better than ever. Exchanging oatmeal is expected to make this lighter and thinner than traditional cooks. It is a recipe like this that reminds me of why I love my diet program so much.

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