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10 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Workplace, According to Emily Henderson

Just as distraction can make you healthier and happier, decorating can also help create new ideas, develop skills, and increase productivity. This is especially true in places where you spend a lot of time making, such as on your desk (called my dining table right now). If you feel you are not interested or you are not interested when you sit down to work, then you know it is time to refresh your work environment and change your environment.

If, like us, you are ready to change your work ethic and get these juices back, then save it because Emily Henderson has tips and tricks to rejuvenate your site. and your mind. This is especially important since most of us have been working from home all the time. But this change has had a profound effect on Henderson’s working life.

“For me, I had time to prepare (for myself) so it has completely changed, hopefully forever, my attitude towards work,” he explains. “I love the fun, and I’m sure I’ll be back a little bit, but the forced descent made me realize how humble I was. It was like a ‘busy detox’ and I’m here now with my kids, it’s crazy! I work less but I feel better.” Admittedly, the idea of ​​returning to the full-time office has begun to diminish.

Read on to find a few simple changes that can help you turn your work environment (wherever it may be) into a fun, inspiring, and somewhere you like to live every day. Because let’s face it, our home desks are a bigger part of our lives than ever before.

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Find out what enhances your skills (and which is not).

Everyone’s brain works differently depending on where they are (and your job) so Henderson suggests doing things that motivate you A. You want to sit down to work with B. Work very productively.

He told me: “It’s the same with knowing the music that makes you feel good about yourself at work and that keeps you going. “I want to confuse as little as I can so that I have a tray that distorts the confusion so that the whole table is as clear as I can. I want natural light and a very comfortable chair, but it can be a small space or a dining table. to do your best and try your best. ”Wise advice.

Tessa Neustadt photo by Emily Henderson

Think of chairs and ornaments that serve two functions.

Most of us are working from home now but not everyone has a dedicated dedicated home. Henderson suggests investing in a lot of things that work as hard as you can. Or draw a space that looks similar to your dining table or sofa but still feels like a work space. “I like the ‘work tray’ which is a tray that keeps everything in one place so you can move around if you want to (or leave the table for lunch), “says Henderson. this is a game changer!

Photo by Sara Tramp by Emily Henderson

Fix extras on your desk.

Think about it — you could spend 40 hours a week at a desk or near your desk, so why not make it your home? “You want your space to reflect your personality for sure, and most of these can be beautiful writing cups (and finding extraordinary pleasure in this) or a beautiful pen,” says Henderson. “Enjoy the fun, the little things that make you happy and the things that make you happy. to want to look at. They can be picture frames, a suitable pen, and even a pile of well-designed books that inspire you. ”

Try some of these good answers to add personality to your desk, and help you get ready:

– The note pen adds a little more on Monday morning.

– This stacked kit is a great way to make the paper look like its own.

– Combine forms and functions with enough wall calendars to stand out.

– Raise these gold-plated scissors. No one will survive your loan without repaying it.

Photo by Sara Tramp by Emily Henderson

Bring natural resources.

Studies show that the universe can make us feel instantly inspired and see things from a different perspective. If you cannot rest from working outdoors for a few hours during the working day, bring it out. Precious gems like gemstones, gemstones, gemstones, and flowers are the cheapest ways to make decorations on your desk to have the things that give you. it’s a real seasonal trend.

Jac Cameron, co-founder and production director of AYR Denim in NYC, looks for crystals to beautify his desk space and elevate positive energy. “I have a million crystals around me. Next to the candle on my desk, there is amethyst crystal. Strongly, I love what it does for me. There is also labradorite. It has iridescence, and it is good for creativity. And behind my window, there are pieces of rose quartz. Ommmm.

Photo by Sara Tramp by Emily Henderson

Surround yourself with your loved ones.

Another easy way to blend in with your decor is to refresh your work environment and climate and add beautiful frames and customize your photos and accessories. Seeing familiar faces and happy memories gives you a chance to have fun and encourage you, too.

Photo by Sara Tramp by Emily Henderson

Add a few plants.

We already know that being natural lighting in the office brings a better life for workers, but has also been confirmed that having plants in the office makes them more profitable, less expensive, and regular staff.

Plants, in particular, having a restorative capacity for the brain, and it can arouse curiosity and excitement. Studies show that they can increase employee productivity by 15%. Our little green friends too reducing stress, encourage us greatly, and can help clean the air around us. And it’s something we can all find back.

Henderson observes: “Looking around or being around nature is something most of us would like to see because we are not in the main office. “Set your desk to look out the window if you can, if not yes, get a seed or two to help get out the air.”

Don’t have a big green finger? No problem. Refresh your workspace with a collection of plants that we love that do not look good.

Photo by Sara Tramp by Emily Henderson

Be prepared.

Remember what we said earlier about clutter? Fight the urge to push all the paperwork into the food cabinet. Instead, use desk boxes, baskets, barns, or glass panels to make things you do not want on your computer. If you do not have a desk or need other items to sit on top of your desk, try storage with storage compartments or color-coded boxes that not only turn the mess into a skill but to easily find what you want. if you want it.

Obviously, your storage needs are highly dependent on your job. At least, Henderson says most of us need a tray. But according to your needs, choose a table with containers to hide the empty, or go right away and select shelves or a small hanging cabinet for storing books / pens and all other items.

Also, writing letters and staying on top of what you have written will go a long way in preventing dangerous sheets of paper from forming on your desk. Writing can be fun when you use beautiful folders and have a beautiful place to put everything. Most of the papers look superficially easy and easy to edit.

Photo by Sara Tramp by Emily Henderson

Turn it on.

Henderson HQ is “big about senses” so it means candles and flowers (even dried or picked up in the backyard). “If I didn’t see my kids all day every day I would pick a picture of them (and I probably did) but the chaos makes me a bit nervous when I work, so I just want to create a vibe without too many things,” she says.

Office lighting candles can help you create and create a fun sound on your desk, making you more determined to do more. If lighting candles make you nervous, there are some good options for flameless candles to invigorate your workplace that can also help you enhance the look and feel. Obviously, I will also represent my idea that a salt lamp can fix anything including candle FOMO in any position.

Photo by Zeke Ruelas by Emily Henderson

Make it free.

The office is more than just an appearance. It also affects performance and comfort. As you refresh your workmanship, you may also want to consider some changes that enhance the ergonomics of your space. These may include:

– Get a stand-alone desk instead of a traditional desk or desk switch.

– Putting money in a monitor riser that puts the lamp at eye level. Or, placing the coffee table books at the bottom of your project to the top.

– Find a keyboard tray that puts your keyboard under your desk.

– Buying a chair with extra support on your back, or taking a back pillow to lean on will help you maintain a proper posture.

– Find a footstool to put your feet on when you sit down.

All of these depend on the ergonomic complications you are currently experiencing, such as painful knees, back pain, or sores on your hands. Having appropriate ergonomic responses will reduce the chances of recurrent injuries or other road health problems. Most of us spend a few hours sitting at our desks each week, so treat them well and make them a comfortable, comfortable place where you feel like you can do your best work and enjoy coming every day.

Henderson’s # 1 advice on developing a home environment.

“In the office, the look follows the work, but fortunately for us, the market has begun to make better and more comfortable desks and more important chairs. Get yourself a comfortable chair,” he advises.

Start refreshing your workplace with furniture and our favorite home decor below.

This was first published on January 18, 2021 and has been revised.

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