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10 Tips for Being punctual Every Day (For More Fun!)

In 2022, I am about to use my time to focus more on intentional action. And before you publish, no, this is not another story about growing your crop (we all know how this can be a trap), this is about doing well, so I can focus my energy on things and the people who feed my health. spirit, and I would dare say, achieve some form of “balance” or homeostasis. Yes, this is a year of doing a lot of what I love, and that means getting tips to make me save time to do the same.

Instead of going to work on the weekends and playing games, I leave them open to relax, play, and have a fun “yes” at the last minute or a weekend getaway with a friend.

Doing this, however, is very important for my weeks to be well-sung and well-organized. If you are looking for time-saving hacks to turn the pendulum back to 30% performance and 70% playback too, here are 10 hacks that save me time within a week – let me know if they work for you too!

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# 1: Review Your Calendar Every Friday

I review what has been added to my calendar and update it. Are there any meetings that could be email? Is the gym planned? Did I take a break for lunch? Can any meetings be merged or canceled altogether? It never fails, every week I can log in to my calendar and change things around to have a closed time. Helpful Hints: I strongly urge my friends that if someone needs to cancel a meeting, they should do so within 24 hours (unless there is an accident) so I can reschedule my appointment.

# 2: Turn off All Phone Notifications

My notifications were already locked at 8 a.m. so I did not track my phone all night, so I did this again on my work day. Now I just keep quiet when I have all day and I need to look. I was quickly distracted by an abusive message and after 30 minutes, I lost important work and time to look. I have all social media and Team / Slack notifications are closed again (24/7). It saves me a lot of time and allows me to focus on work and spend more time on the phone and engaging in side chat.

# 3: Organize Personal Meetings

It takes a lot of time to prepare, and to travel to and from anywhere, and since I’m doing well, I like “crowded meetings.” That is to say, I do not schedule my private meetings on the same day and in the same place. I give myself a good 30 minutes between meetings to get emails or any work messages, and move on to the next one. Bonus, this saves me a week’s outfit.

Photo: Teal Thompsen

# 4: Follow the “No Friday Meetings” Policy.

This is a challenge for 3-4 working days. I’m not saying you don’t work on Fridays, but I do recommend that your Friday be free of meetings and instead instead have a place to spend your week and plan for the next one so that Monday doesn’t become a whole mess. . Can we cancel the last Friday or EOW (weekend)? Very soon Thursday, isn’t it? Leaving Friday open has been a game changer for you to feel ready for next week.

# 5: Set Time Limits Deliberately

When I started to find time to do things for myself or to do some work (ie: to see a doctor), I started to feel like I was in a hurry or active and satisfied. Depending on each project or the deadline, I give myself 30 minutes 2-3 times a week to work out so it doesn’t feel overwhelming and gives me time and space in between to let my mind focus more than hitting them all in two hours. For example, every Monday I set aside 20 minutes to look at my bank account, credit card, and savings account. Every Wednesday, I set aside 30 minutes to report my expenses. Nothing sucks more than spending two hours on a financial report on Friday because I waited too long to do so. Pro-Tip: I find that blocking production time is difficult and feels compulsive, which is why I stop blocking time to work and find my inspiration in a clean environment.

# 6: Consider Coordination

I like to coordinate work and do as much as I can. This looks like making a phone call while walking along the road, or meeting a friend while exercising (your friends hang out no works for me, but this allows me to check the two boxes). This is not a good option if you want to be at work, for example. display in a meeting but you may be surprised at what can happen if you start combining the two functions steadily.

# 7: Add Your Food Online

This is not uncommon, but I have been very busy with the amount of time I have spent ordering my food, especially in the busy weeks. I also recently tried a food delivery project from Territory Foods to make the first few weeks of the New Year easier on my weighty schedule.

# 8: Know What Not to Discuss

Setting a few strong limits has made me more direct and direct to start doing the important things. The hardest habit was to relinquish my privileges until I got to the point. I spent one morning sitting for 40 minutes answering the DMs and walking before leaving the house to go to work. It’s a precious 40 minutes that I could have used to meditate or start over. Establishing a non-negotiable environment will make you do better. PS: Has anyone left a social network on the weekend or on a set date? I’m slowly inching my way there so I don’t do it on the weekends and know how much time it starts to kill.

# 9: Have a Weekly Comment

This is new to me who just started appreciating the podcast of Liz Moody’s Healthier Together. Asked Chris Bailey, author Job Creation Work and Hyperfocus and he also said that you should review it over the weekend for everything you did by watching 10k. This facilitates the monitoring and interpretation of what you are working on. In just one week, I was able to see much success in the job and the opportunity to have more production space. I recommend this.

# 10: Reply to Real-Time Email

I admit that I am a quick responder. When I see something coming either by text message or email, I do not like to be there, which is why turning off notifications has been helpful. Instead of being obsessed with emails, I record twice a day for my reply (best day). The first time I met before my first meeting of the day (usually 9 am) and the second before I finished (4pm). This puts me out of my phone and desktop mail app and goes to work with projects that need to be done.

I am fascinated by the techniques you use to stay consistent and set limits on your time, you readers! Tell us in the comments section below.

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