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11 Hot Salad Recipes You Will Always Eat Winter

For me, there are a number of things that happen when the temperature drops below 50 degrees. . food. I’m talking mac and cheese, chicken soup (with some very sweet twists), and unlimited dishes of risotto. But among all my favorite foods in the winter, I try to use foods that help me feel better. The best and coolest-right way to make this happen? Warm recipes for salads, folks – and I’ve collected all my favorites right here so you can get your vegetables back this season.

If the idea of ​​a warm winter salad reminds you of your (and legitimate, old-fashioned) spinach and pork salad, don’t panic. These recipes bring together the best winter products. Beets, no shortage of squash, leaves that represent many dressings and vinaigrettes, and seeds that are nutritious and energetic. Well, I’ve kept you hopeful for a long time. Check out the best warm salad recipes below.

Here are some of the best warm salad recipes you might want in the winter, all in one place.

Falling Harvest Salad With Pumpkin Vinaigrette From Once A Pumpkin

Why We Love It: If Sweetgreen went downhill, this salad might be the reason. Quinoa and kale, pepitas and peas, combined with large Parmesan cheeses put the seasoning flavor on the surface. And if your love of pumpkin knows no bounds, here’s a try salad.

Hero Ingredients: Don’t love me – the spicy pumpkin in this salad just works.

Find the recipe here.

Hot Winter Salad from Home Party

Why We Love It: The name of the salad is simple and easy, but the spice may not be so simple. The dill garnish gives off a bright and delicious aroma all the time, and dukkah, an Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine that combines herbs, nuts, and spices, is a top-notch cherry.

Hero Ingredients: While I love any of the ingredients for this salad, no competition-tahni sauce on top takes the cake.

Find the recipe here.

Roast Delicata Squash & Old Salad

Why We Love It: Delicious and slightly crunchy thanks to fried hazelnuts, this salad is perfect for a November lunch or as a side dish to your next dinner party. It would not be unusual for your gratitude desk. Honestly, it might be better than a pie.

Hero Ingredients: This salad is a love letter to the caramelized taste of delicata squash. If you are very fond of butternut squash, or squash squash with your winter veggie, try delicata for its size. It won’t disappoint.

Find the recipe here.

Farro Hot Salad With Roasted Vegetables from Dietitian Debbie Dishes

Why We Love It: A delicious salad will compliment this dish preparation dish. Farro elevates the salad to a very high standard, which makes it satisfying enough to get into a soup with a bread combo or pasta. And it is incredible, but all the vegetables are very good when left to go caramelize in the oven.

Hero Ingredients: If you do not have milk, you can leave the goat’s decoration (or try the seeds). However, if you enjoy the good taste of salt, feel free to add it and leave.

Find the recipe here.

Hot Carrot Salad with Spiced Pepita and Cashew Crunch from Enjoy your meal

Why We Love It: Carrots have a very bright and delicious color (not to mention all the good things they brag about), carrots are getting the right fit. The secret celebrates the leaves on the ground, roasting carrot coins for a few minutes until their sharp bite can glow.

Hero Ingredients: Completing this salad with Sweet Pumpkin Seeds and Cashew Crunch is, I repeat, not to be overlooked.

Find the recipe here.

Fried Potato Salad With Chicken and Mango Chipotle Vinaigrette from Food Faith Fitness

Why We Love It: Bring a little warmth and a warm taste to your frozen dead food. Fried potatoes with curry and mangoes along with a few coconut flakes (do not ask, just eat) add this salad to taste and good texture.

Hero Ingredients: Although vegetarians are allowed to leave the chicken if they wish, fried cashews (especially good for fried potatoes) cannot be ignored.

Find the recipe here.

Fried Cauliflower with Farro Salad With Feta and Avocado from Cookie and Kate

Why We Love It: This salad is a celebration of all the fall ingredients that can come together to make a great complementary meal. Fresh salty, sweet pears, and shiny olives make a smooth, unadulterated salad that fills well with leftovers for the next day.

Hero Ingredients: Roasted cauliflower, let me read many of your favorite recipes.

Find the recipe here.

Honey Mustard Hot Salad from Justine Snacks

Why We Love It: You will forget all about the invitation to come out as soon as you make this salad. In our favorite Panzanella winter season, this salad already blends solidly with cracked bread and topped with maple-y, mustard. Top croutons are waiting.

Hero Ingredients: Pomegranate seeds are not only beautiful. Here, it adds a refreshing and tart flavor. In a pinch, dried cranberries also work.

Find the recipe here.

Broccoli Baked with Red Salad with Arugula Chopped Apples from Dolly and Oatmeal

Why We Love It: I’m making a new statement here – salad makes food. Remove it, salad and food. Controversial, of course, (after all, it wasn’t too long ago that most of us saw the salad as a few lettuce leaves wearing a little vinaigrette), but filled with the rich aroma of autumn, this salad was perfectly prepared. stealing a show. I wouldn’t mind adding a little protein like beans, cheese, or a little chicken to achieve this.

Hero Ingredients: Raw broccoli is a good…. Green broccoli? Absolutely divine.

Find the recipe here.

Fried Beet is a Potato Salad from Sweet Potato Soul

Why We Love It: If you know me, you know that my love of beets often leads to a habit of lunch and dinner, yes, even breakfast, which includes veggie earthy. As strange as it may seem, I don’t think it takes too many reasons. If you haven’t heard, beets are OK. It is the basis of many health elixirs, burgers, and pancakes. In this way, they are combined with another beloved veggie root, potato, thanks to the many benefits of salads.

Hero Ingredients: The best sweetened foods are like beets.

Find the recipe here.

Lentil Hot Salad With Roasted Vegetables From My Brother

Why We Love It: The best salads are the ones that seem to find their way to your plate by accident. Maybe you have protein ready to prepare food in your fridge, some pre-cooked grains, and veggies that have been in your oven for a long time. Caitlin, the recipe maker, agrees that this salad met in exactly the same way. A little casual, but delicious, this secret can also be changed with anything you have.

Hero Ingredients: Humble but hearty grains, and protein-rich beans, have saved many vegetarians from eating lunch, before eating dinner.

Find the recipe here.

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