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12 Dewy, Shiny Dry Cleansing Cleansing

It’s funny to think I wore it way more makeup i am 16 years older than i am now. My daily makeup has been easy for years, and me love that. The secret to my stream streamlined skin? My method of washing wet with tinted. And I’m not just shortening the time in the morning (even though it’s a real challenge) —I have no interest in the foundation and curved cheekbones for my daily appearance.

Give me fresh and dew, please all year round. Whether it’s the winter season or the summer heat is enough, I always wish something light and breathless on my skin.

Advantages of Tinted Moisturizers:

  • You can see real skin glistening while hiding flaws, redness, and pores.
  • They feel light and hydrating on the skin.
  • Layers also play well with other skin elements.
  • Most provide sun protection (but you should try to put sun protection on the floor, too!)
  • Bonus: strengthens your skin and enhances your skin over time.

The glossy makeup gives my skin a lot of shine, and the fun is that I can play with it all the time and add a touch of a solid foundation or dab of concealer if my skin is cracked or I want to hide the dark in the eyes, and so on. .

I recently tested and tested 12 non-toxic varieties to find my favorite white moisturizer and let me tell you, a new plant of natural cosmetics is good. Packed with skin care products, protective SPFs, and face masks that we all want, these are all star jewelry. All of them professionally fall into the “light” cover group, but I have listed them as a simple coverage or light to clarify the type of coverage you would expect.

Read what I like about everyone, and let me know if there are any bright white ones that are worth a try.

This was originally published on July 20, 2020, and has been revised.

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