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12 Great Places to Buy Art Online

12 Great Places to Buy Art Online

12 Great Places to Buy Art Online

Recently, a few friends have asked me where to find beautiful, cool and fun art. So, here are 12 great places to look online (and please add ideas in the comments!)…

Above: House of Spoils is all about adventure photographers.

12 Great Places to Buy Art Online

British artist Hugo Guinness makes whimsical linocuts in his Brooklyn studio. (We have this car in our bedroom.)

12 Great Places to Buy Art Online

Eventide Collective brings together the work of incredible female artists. (We have these poppies, and I love them.)

12 Great Places to Buy Art Online

Painter Valerie Suter explores subjects and people that have been marginalized in history.

12 Great Places to Buy Art Online

Anthropologie has a big selection of artwork in a bunch of styles.

Sonic Editions features incredible photographic prints of musicians, film stars and cultural icons.

The New Yorker sells comics, covers and photographs. (This one always makes me laugh, and dog lovers might like this.)

Book / Shop in Oakland, California, has a few cool posters for book lovers.

20 × 200 sells all kinds of artist prints starting at $ 24.

Tappan Collective is all about discovering emerging artists from around the world.

Jenny Pennywood does such beautiful work with shapes and color.

Also, my friend Erin Jang says, “Whenever I see an illustrator whose style I love, in the newspaper or in a magazine, I find their website and most of the time they sell their own prints. It’s a way to support artists more directly, and it’s more affordable. ” For example, Alessandra Olanow, Abbey Lossing and Kadir Nelson all have shops, and Erin has this beautiful print, too.

Plus, three that we’ve written about in the past: Serena Mitnik-Miller, Juniper Print Shop, and Permanent Press Editions.

Where else do you find great art online? Please weigh in…

PS More affordable art.

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