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12 Recipes for Low Fat Protein and Sweet Chicken

If you’re like me, you enjoy every bit of the holiday season. Baked potatoes, chocolate cake, mac and cheese, you name it, were on my plate. All without a sense of guilt or remorse, be careful. Holidays are a time for fun. Especially when we are surrounded by family and friends, exchanging stories and sharing laughter with whole stomachs and hearts. But for me, there is a change when January 1 comes. On top of my goals, my health becomes more important, including foods that make me feel better from the inside out. I usually reach for foods high in nutrients, rich in protein such as comfort soup, healthy pasta, and low-fat chicken recipes.

My goals are different each year, but that is why I always want to put my health first — mentally, spiritually, and physically. I want to feel refreshed, every cell with energy. And since food and nutrition are the foundation of our minds, caring for what’s on my plate is a good way to start. As a result, I fill my diet with plenty of whole foods, healthy fats, and unhealthy proteins. If you feel the same way, look no further, I have compiled the best recipes for low-fat chicken fillings with protein to get you back on track and to feel better.

Fat-Free Chicken Recipes Filled With Protein

One Pan Honey Mustard Chicken is a vegetable from The Modern Proper

Why We Love It: The wonder of this one pot is simple, easy, and full of zesty. With just three steps, dinner will be ready soon and you can do one or two activities right now.

Hero Ingredients: The ring is brighter than all the others.

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Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich from Damn Delicious

Why we love: This is great for lunch or dinner and can be made in advance of very busy days. The clever portion of Greek mayo yogurt may not be obvious and you will do this every week. You can also exchange gluten-free slices, too.

Hero Ingredients: Broken grapes that explode with flavor.

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Healthy Chicken Piccata from Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Why We Love It: This fresh and lemon piccata is fun, but it is fresh and light. This snack will be ready in just 30 minutes. Be sure to toss the fresh parsley on top to add color and flavor!

Hero Ingredients: Lemon is a great source of vitamin C!

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Buffalo Chicken Stings With Blue Cheese Dresses from The Modern Proper

Why We Love It: I mean, who doesn’t love Buffalo Chicken Bites? The secret is in the highs and lows of the high-end bar that makes it even healthier. You are welcome.

Hero Ingredients: The shiny broth is a good choice!

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Hannah Haston Photography

Thai Chicken Soup from Camille Styles

Why We Love It: This slurp sauce is packed with vegetables, nutritious and easy to make. With the unmistakable combination of chili, lime, and cilantro you will be doing this soon.

Hero Ingredients: Butternut squash triggers this delicious meal and makes you reach for another spoon.

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Maple Mustard Baked Chicken Tray Cooking from Eat Live Run

Why We Love It: Chicken and potatoes are an irreversible ingredient. With added salt and a handy recipe, a healthy diet has never been easier.

Hero Ingredients: The idea of ​​apple syrup caramelizes when roasted. Yum!

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Chicken and Cabbage Lo Mein from The Defined Dish

Why We Love It: Swap half of the Nutrition and double the cabbage? Wise! We love the easy way to add veggies to food.

Hero Ingredients: Shitake mushrooms to enhance the taste of umami.

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Thai Coconut Chicken and Rice from Foodie Crush

Why we love: The broth contains an unmistakable blend of ginger and jalapeño that can make you scratch your head and dream of ways to add these to any meal.

Hero Ingredients: Coconut milk is essential for dissolving all ingredients together.

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Jerk Chicken and Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice from Prevention RD

Why We Love It: It’s quick, easy, and healthy. The delicate texture creates a beautiful and shiny color on the chicken. And the combination of mango and coconut rice cannot be overstated.

Hero resources: Ripe and sweet mangoes that taste like sweets.

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Chicken Empanadas from The Modern Proper

Why We Love It: These sweet little bags are packed with onions, peppers, garlic, and chopped chicken. What you need is a store-bought cross and your ingredients may already be in your pocket. The whole family will love this.

Hero resources: Washing the egg adds a beautiful golden color.

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Fried Chicken Milk Coating Spicy Seasoned from Joyful Healthy Eats

Why We Love It: The recipe for this delicious chicken can be combined with almost anything or made in advance with the cold of a busy week. With home-made cosmetics, you don’t have to worry about the dubious ingredients added.

Hero Ingredients: Coriander adds a touch of zesty, a citrusy flavor.

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California Chicken, Veggie, Avocado and Rice Bowls from Half Baked Harvest

Why We Love It: Another classic is a healthy curvature. Who doesn’t love chicken and rice together? Add tons of healthy vegetables and you’ll have a delicious healthy meal, and if you’re lucky, maybe leftovers for lunch.

Hero Ingredients: Avocado. You will want to have some for each bite.

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