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12 Winter Decorations 2021 See You All This Season

Unloved Idea: I can’t fit in the winter. I long to be satisfied with the nutritious food I enjoy at home, and I look forward to the even darker days before I finish my day’s work. It is this time of year when I honestly seek out sources of heat (all blankets, please) and develop areas that support more relaxation and rest.

I also love winter interior decorating: Different colors, subtle textures, and vibrant colors show stability. So in the spirit of waking up and getting ready for bed at home, I took my favorite interior designers — Kim Lapin, Julia Miller, Anastasia Casey, Joshua Smith, Lindye Galloway, and Lauren Lerner — to hear their thoughts on some of the biggest decorations for the winter. 2021 trends we can expect to see all season.

The past two years have affected the way we design and maintain our homes. Although some once viewed their home as a place to live or a temporary place to live, they now have little choice but to stop and deliberately consider the surroundings around us. Next? The transition to investing is a combination of timeless pieces that bring comfort. In addition, many of the features that our designers have demonstrated show an interest in creating an atmosphere that goes beyond beauty, but contributes to a healthy level of happiness. This sounds very important when we start spending money more time indoors.

So as we prepare ourselves and our homes for the upcoming winter, I would like to think a little bit about the following winter decorations. Without delay: your winter decorations are waiting.

Prepare your home with the best decor in the winter (plus, it ‘s about to come out!)

Photo of the house of Molly Madif and Nicki Sebastian

Michelle Nash for Camille Styles

Earthy species

The Los Angeles-based manufacturer, Kim Lapin, can’t afford to attract the soft and immature attention that the unmistakable colors give place to. Mix these tones in your home with pieces of furniture to make it look good. Are you going to be affected? Change the whole room with a few coats on the walls. Lapin loves this so much that he is reluctant to call it short. He says: “It is easy to live in, and it sounds so good that it does not sound strange. “But we’re seeing it everywhere lately, and it ‘s not going anywhere.”


There is something about the longevity of the old pieces that bring part of the myth into space. Not only that but choosing a vintage instead of importing your new chairs is the best way to avoid the problems that come with it all the time. Minneapolis interior designer Julia Miller shares her starting point if you are just starting to buy grapes: “Vintage is a great way to enhance your look. Starting with a few shelves can be a great place to get your feet wet.” Dibs on pieces of the same type.

Michelle Nash for Camille Styles


Anastasia Casey, founder and executive director of IDCO Studio, sees bouclé as an important addition to your favorite winter fabrics such as velvet and fur. “Although ivory has been affected recently all year round, this winter will be a humid and olive groove,” he said. Try this camel seat from CB2 or a clay pillow to bring out what’s happening in your area.

Michelle Nash for Camille Styles

Home Meditation Center

Want zen? You are not alone. Also, because most of the things we do today are in our homes, many people are looking for a place to rest for a while. Joshua Smith, founder and chief producer at Joshua Smith Inc., illustrates what is happening due to our lack of a little healthy escape. “With the last year and a half showing the importance and importance of calm, we are sure to see more interest in meditation in the home,” he says. Care is everywhere — from our gym to the workplace to our children’s classroom. “It ‘s logical that we would see an interest in creating a place to find peace in the home,” adds Smith.

Pink Terracotta

Although the millennial pink has taken the world by storm with the last few years, we now wish for something more calm and resilient. Answer: pink terracotta irreplaceable. Lapin is considered to be widely used on walls, tiles, and fabrics. Terracotta is rich and warm, and although they may surprise, it is easy to knit anywhere. Variations in tone intensity enhance depth and interest while providing a welcome light.


Flowers in winter? Really amazing. Decorate your space and make a little love in your rooms with flowers on chairs, pillows, and lounge chairs. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, flowers can feel at home even in winter. Miller explains: “Floral prints can be of a permanent color when combined with antique items such as fabric or mohair.” He thinks he should start small with a pillow or ottoman and build from there.

Ann Edgerton Home and Molly Culver


You may not have enough natural space in your space and bringing its clear tonal form into your home is the easiest way to achieve this. Smith admits: “The soft warm paints combined with bold design and layout, such as grass wall fences and the details of the natural stone design, will be even greater when we bring environmental stability into the home.” If Benjamin Moore names October Mist 2022 Color of the Year and any other mark, we will see more of this kind in the new year and beyond.

Michelle Nash for Camille Styles

Wallpaper and Design walls

Smith says even though paper paintings and wall hangings have become popular with interior designers over the past few years, what is happening now goes everywhere. Wallpaper and shapes can bring personality and charm to a challenging environment. “Even skilled artisans use this technology to produce masterpieces. I recently showed Kelly Ventura’s Meadow in Blue in the dining room and I was not happy with the result!

Michelle Nash for Camille Styles

Plastic walls

Plaster is an old-fashioned material that comes back a lot. And although it has been established in the past, plaster walls can function in a traditional and modern way. Lindye Galloway, founder and chief creative officer at Lindye Galloway Design Studio, loves plaster or lime for bringing what’s happening to your community. Even if you are welcome to invest and go all out with plaster walls, limewash is a great way to achieve the attraction of plaster.

Hot Water Woods

White oak has had its season and now we are seeing a change in summer prices. Miller recommends that as far as our desire for all is concerned, lovingly feels how we can find them. “I think we all want to warm up a bit this winter, and adding a few nuts, like coffee or a side table, is the best solution.” Casey admits, predicting that we will see a lot of raw wood that brings all the Scandinavian vibes.

Curved Edges

People call it the return of deformation. This has been a success in our social media feeds with the rounded and clear asymmetry features found in everyone’s posts. Galloway sees what’s going on in everything from curved doors to curved sofas in sofas and chairs. Playful and powerful, this brings an invigorating joy to your home.

Full Type

Who says you can’t have it all? Like the popularity of the dumb colors used in all of our homes, there is a growing interest in more vibrant colors. Miller loves divination and tons of terracotta and sees them grow this winter. “In addition to the warmer, more comfortable feel you can settle down and stay in the middle of the room, so go wear a saturated rag or try a wall color!”

What’s coming out?

Gone are the days of white on white on white. Lapin loves it, but in this age of tight embrace, we are ready to give up our expectation of Instagram to be perfect. “The picture is beautiful, but in real life it could fall apart if not made perfect,” says the artist. With all the events that take place in all of our homes (children, pets, dirt, and wine), what is happening does not translate into IRL. “I see a lot more tons of cream and less talk that makes people feel like they can stay in their house without worrying about dots or things getting messy.” I will confidently lift up my glass of red wine.

Smith sees a similar resurgence of hot summer colors. “Cool gray is at its peak. I predict we will see a subtle change in cream, beige, and nude. ”Lauren Lerner, founder and executive producer at Living with Lolo has just a few things to share. It’s time to dump her and move on. Coming out is old, and new — a few other reasons to start counting the days until 2022.

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