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14 Vegan Skincare Brands We Love How You Can Know If The Brand Is Animal

With all the turmoil over the beauty of hygiene over the past few years, good progress has been made in the proper, clean, and proper skin care for you. We violated pure beauty in the past, however, there may be a lot of false positives and claims out there. We thought it would be helpful to carry some weight and explain exactly what vegan skincare is (and share some of our favorite vegan skincare!). Although vegan objects are often associated with pure beauty, they do not fall under the same umbrella.

Many species, such as organic, clean, or non-abrasive, can still use animal products, such as lanolin, or wax. To make the skincare line completely vegan, these ingredients are often modified into other useful ingredients such as fruit wax or vegetable oil. While it may seem complicated, with a few basic tips it can be easy to see — most of our favorites are vegetables. Instead, you probably have a velvet thing or two on your current list unnoticed!

To address this, we spoke with Tara Pelletier, co-founder and co-founder of the vegan skincare Meow Meow Tweet to help get rid of all vegan skincare items and help make it as easy as possible for people to find the right fit. Read all you need to know about skincare, including 14 of our favorite 100% vegan skincare items and editor-approved reviews of any kind.

What makes skincare product vegan?

As a dietary restriction, vegan skincare discontinues the use of any ingredients derived from or derived from meat. This can be combined with cosmetics such as beeswax, collagen, or keratin, although the ingredients have good properties. Pelletier shares that for its kind, vegan skincare is seen as, “not using any animal-based ingredients in our natural resources and making decisions that minimize the potential harm to humans, animals, and the planet. respect for all persons. ”

This type of method enhances care beyond just the ingredients, the way they are made. Types like the Meow Meow Tweet, also choose not to offer items that could damage the habitat or animal feed.

How can you tell if something is vegan?

An easy way to view vegan marketing is the “Certified Vegan” brand many skin care products have. But Pelletier encourages you to go further. “Learn how to read letters,” says Pelletier. First, check the labels for the item and its contents, read the full list of items, and determine if the item came from an animal. ”

Here is a tricky paper of animal-derived ingredients to help you as you learn what to look for:

  • break
  • honey
  • gelatin
  • collagen
  • lanolin
  • keratin
  • silica
  • carmine (a species derived from beetles)
  • elastin
  • milk
  • squalene (look at 100% sugar cane from Squalane instead!)

Are vegetables and non-vegetarians the same?

Although vegan refers to the absence of ingredients from animal and animal, non-violent means that the substance has not been tested on an animal during the development of the substance. Pelletier warns, “just because an object is vegan does not mean that it has not been tested on animals, so be aware of the color it produces.”

What are the benefits of vegan skincare stuff?

“Where natural beauty consists of ingredients that are made to perform a specific function, the beauty of plants works by combining ingredients that make your skin look healthy,” explains Pelletier. Vegan skin care not only offers benefits such as promoting animal kindness and care and reducing environmental damage, but it can also focus on plant extracts that have been used for many years in their healing properties. Most vegetable products contain vitamins rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and Pelletier explains that, “vegetable oils and water make your skin smooth, waterproof, moisturizing, and free of damage – helping them to do what they already know. . ”

If you have just started a beauty treatment or care for vegan skin, it is important to note that many things last longer due to the lack of exercise and poorly refined, organic ingredients. Pelletier says most natural beauty products should be used within three to six months after purchase to ensure maximum refreshment.

Our 14 Favorite Vegan Skincare Genres:

Vintners’ daughter

A long-time beauty lover, there is good reason that Vintner’s Daughter has entered many beautiful cabinets. A top-notch, herbal-based skin care product, Vintner’s Daughter was created by April Gargiulo and consists of only two components: Active Botanical Serum and Active Treatment Essence. Although designed to work in sequence, each stands in its own right because of its amazingly packed formulas that combine 22 botanicals with 60+ bioavailable nutrients. Although the design may be complex, the color is simple and light skin care, and you believe that you only need these two ingredients (plus the cleaner).

Meow Meow Tweet

With a beautiful company name derived from the love of the founder of cats and their birds, co-founders, Tara Pelletier and Jeff Kurosaki, founded their natural vegan apothecary after falling in love with skincare. From deodorant to non-toxic insect repellent and full face look, the Meow Meow Tweet is dedicated to creating a clean, natural, vegetative and salty look. All products are made of organic, raw vegetable oil and butter, cold and essential oils as well as organic or wild botanicals.

Dr. Loretta

Made by a dermatologist over the age of 40 (Dr. Loretta himself!), This skin care product is non-abrasive, flesh-free, and clean-made without sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, or perfumes. With a skincare that focuses on protecting the skin from the natural causes of aging, Drs. Loretta looks great in combination with herbal remedies and botanical ingredients for healthy, youthful skin.

Great alchemist

Grown Alchemist develops new high-quality composite products based on scientific research and clinical results. Beautiful and recognizable, these items not only look beautiful in your bathroom, they will give real results as they work with your body’s energy to heal and repair.

That is

Inspired by her grandparents’ love for all marine life (and she could not find ways to fit in with her standard), Jenefer Palmer began developing a plant-based skin care regimen combined with marine materials. Cracked and non-toxic and healthy forms are popular on everything from night masks to body oils.


Best seller of cheap vegan skincare, Versed was created by a powerful beauty (by fashion designer, Merit), Katherine Power. With a consistent and minimalist design, Versed is known for delivering high quality results at a low cost (and it looks gorgeous in doing so).


Established in 2018, Mara was created with the goal of creating clean, sustainable materials that revolve around the power of plants and seas. Using a combination of algae, white cleansers, high-quality foods and fresh alternatives, Mara products provide the best results on glowing skin without any animal odor.

Friday and summer

The vegan brand launched the Jet Lag Mask in 2018 and has quickly moved from making one item to one of the most sought after beauty products. It has grown to the point of being clean, damp and all the casual, custom-made Insta-suitable pastel colors.


Moon Juice started out as a glass of cold-lighted water before moving to the right ingredients and adaptogens, and finally, skincare. All of its forms are well-formed, bioactive and work from the inside out and vice versa, making you healthier and healthier.

Wonder Valley

Founded by a male and female group, olive oil and the Wonder Valley cornerstone. Their olive oil is extracted by hand and processed skillfully from our fields in Northern California. Taking the instability of olive oil as the basis of their properties, they translate it into nutrients for your skin.

The Truth About Botanicals

Favored by celebrities, True Botanical’s is a natural skin care solution that focuses on clean, protected and safe products. From serums to eye ointments to night masks, True Botanicals promises skincare that promotes collagen, color balance, and water retention.


Bite Beauty started with a vegan lip balm that lubricates smooth and long-lasting oils and has grown with the combination of makeup and skincare. Made with agave fluid instead of lanolin, Agave + Intensive Lip Mask is a great complement to lip balm.

Very Good!

If you are looking for the best line of sunscreens and sunscreen, Supergoop! and. From sunscreens to sparkling lights, Supergoop! has the whole list.


Superegg is a new type of vegan skincare on the block. The line has clear, round, white egg shells filled with the finest vegan skincare. Based on the inspiration from her Korean studies and the role that eggs played in this beautiful ceremony, Erica Choi, created Superegg with vegetables and white ingredients to restore the beauty of skin care.

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