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15 Recipes For A Healthy Little Sauce

Specialty foods tend to speak their own language of love. Home-made pie is a warm welcome to a new neighbor. Paella among a group of friends is a party in a pot. And Pasta Alla Vodka, when you share with your loved one, and love on a plate. The broth is simple – with love in the ladle. Comforting food to serve and enjoy. One spoon can take you back to your childhood, one cup can soothe the spirit and one plate can carry your spices on a journey to distant places with ingredients that make you dream of traveling. Happy? This season, I am collecting recipes for low carb soups that can provide comfort and health in one dish.

Although it is fun all year round, here in Texas, I enjoy the soup in January. The days are warm and sunny, and the nights are very cold which is what makes the soup season so special. Next month is something to eat with a comfy bowl of homemade soup that has been simmering on the stove all day. And a little food that can shine as a starter, side, and big as the sauce does — always looking for a ready-made image.

To celebrate the beauty of our favorite four-letter word, we have found some delicious recipes for low-carb soups available on the ‘net. Some do not eat vegetables, some do not, but everything low carb is all it takes to give a spoon swirl.

“Greemy” Butternut Squash Vegetable With Ginger & Coconut Milk

Why We Love It: Whether roasted, fried, baked, or sliced ​​— we often find ourselves eating a butternut squash squash. For this sweet sauce, butternut squash is mixed with plenty of coconut milk, which adds sweetness to leaving the milk.

Hero Ingredients: The new decoration of cilantro enhances its flavor and increases its volume I do not know what.

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Fresh White Beans with Tomato Soup from Love & Lemon

Why We Love It: Delicious in addition to salad or satisfying as an inheritance, this white bean, and tomato soup is ground with carrots and fresh thyme. A good meal to start after the last day.

Hero Ingredients: Can’t you guess where the fragrance comes from here? Cashews raw. Yes. Healthy intelligence.

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Spanish Pea Soup By Crispy Ham from Barefoot Contessa

Why We Love It: When you are hungry and you do not know what to do quickly, do not look in your refrigerator. A few cups of chicken and a few bags of cold peas in the background, and voila — a simple, delicious, light meal is born. (We make this soup in summer and winter.)

Hero Ingredients: Meat eater may say crispy meat. But if you do not eat meat, just leave it alone.

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(Vegan) Delicious Hungarian Mushroom Soup from Cotter Crunch

Why We Love It: Love rich, sweet soups but don’t want butter and whole flour? Try this vegetable from Cotter Crunch, which uses unsweetened butter and arrowroot flour as a supplement.

Hero Ingredients: Wondering what makes a regular mushroom sauce to be Hungarian? Paprika! (Different types of smokers.)

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Cauliflower Soup With Crispy Sage Garnish

Why We Love It: Unlike many vegan cauli soups out there, this one includes apples, ginger, and celery root in the ingredients, making sure they are essential.

Hero Ingredients: Hands down bushes. It is suitable for a few minutes to heat the springs and add to your soup. Stop and according to its design, it makes all the difference — trust us.

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Spring Tofu Soup from Alison Roman

Why We Love It: A delicious meal, tofu soup from Alison Roman has a delicious flavor of garlic, jalapeno, mushrooms, and asparagus.

Hero Ingredients: The new lemon zest adds a nice zing.

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Seafood Chicken Nutrition Seafood from Berly’s Kitchen

Why We Love It: Kind and satisfying, this chicken soup beats all the necessary ingredients without being burdened with Carrier Foods.

Hero Ingredients: It’s all about the chicken.

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Extra Green Vegetable Soup Added

Why We Love It: Where to start with a simple but challenging veggie sauce? We love the way ginger adds to the crunch, while cashews add cream and protein.

Hero Ingredients: It is no easier than cold broccoli.

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Tom 30’s Whole Sauce from The Defined Dish

Why We Love It: Chicken, veggie, ginger, and spicy delicacies, Tom Yum’s sauce from The Defined Dish goes with 30 and is very satisfying.

Hero Ingredients: Minty-citrusy flavor from fresh lemongrass.

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Spicy (ish) Kabocha Squash Soup With Dill, Radish and Avocado from Edible Living

Why We Love It: Easy to quickly whip up a mid-week meal, but good enough for the company. We like to use harissa, because it is easy to find at the grocery store, but the hot Hungarian pepper paste is a trick.

Hero Ingredients: Harissa, a unique blend of chiles, garlic, citrus, and olive oil, adds a touch of humor to the atmosphere.

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Creamy Tortilla-Less Soup from The Defined Dish

Why We Love It: Do you think you need to add chips to make tortilla soup? Think again! This type of The Defined Dish offers all the flavors you know and love – without any carbs.

Hero Ingredients: Coconut milk adds weight without rich milk.

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Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar & Zukini Soup from Half Baked Harvest

Why We Love It: Stir in your childhood broccoli sauce, free of canned canned ingredients. Just add the carrots, zucchini, broccoli, and a few herbs, and you’re on your way to prepare a delicious (and healthy) soup for yourself and your family.

Hero Ingredients: Bright cddar – gentle cheddar will not. Trust us, go sharp.

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Chicken and Winter Vegetable Soup

Why We Love It: Simple but very good. Use the best ingredients you can find, the best chicken, herbs, and vegetables. You can’t go wrong with this delicious sauce that heats you up from the inside out.

Hero Ingredients: Chicken cooked with chicken is soft, delicious, and carries a punch of protein.

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Chicken for Summer Colds Soup from Alison Roman

Why We Love It: Not only because of the summer cold, Alison Roman taking an old chicken soup with comfort in a bowl.

Hero Ingredients: In the form of Alison Roman (without hypocrisy) it combines citrusy tomatillos into a mix-and-win.

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Red Curry Soup Kuri Squash from Love & Lemons

Why We Love It: It’s a lot easier than this. Just burn all your leaves, then combine. Serve on top of rice, or offer a very low carb way.

Hero Ingredients: Mixing in a lemongrass stalk provides the right amount of zing. No lemongrass in hand? Try lemon zest instead.

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Tell us in the comments below your favorite low carb soup recipes (and be sure to add links!)

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