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20 50-Day Anti-Aging Cream Cards Approved by Derm!

When I remember my first beauty, I was seven years old. I vividly remember running away from my mother’s vanity to steal her cream while she was caring for her skin at night. Witnessing her ritual of ointment and ointment was fun, I loved it, but it also left a lasting impression on me: I thought I would have wrinkles if I did not apply the night cream before going to bed, too! Unfortunately, beauty standards are changing (albeit slowly) and our beauty process today is declining in terms of aging and more about skin health. Yes, I laugh at that memory now but I am also thankful that my mother encouraged me to start taking care of my skin from an early age. Because we all know that the best anti-aging oils in the 50s are not the norm for J-Lo olive oil.

Other than that, who doesn’t want to look good and do you feel better as we get older? Every stage in life requires a variety of skin health measures, so it is important to change the way we care for our skin as we enter the new decade. To find out the best anti-aging creams in the 50’s, we listed Liz Kennedy, a magician and founder of Beauty Magnet; and Drs. Kian Karimi, MD, FACS. Read on to find out why our skin is getting old, how to change your skin care routine after 50 years, and the best things to take care of.

Why Does Our Skin Get Old?

We don’t often think about hormonal changes that affect our skin, but sharp issues, it does! Therefore, we requested that Drs. Karimi to explain the connection between aging skin and body changes. “During menopause, eggs stop producing estrogen, a hormone that makes the skin stronger, smoother, and thicker,” she reveals. “This estrogen deficiency is a major cause of collagen depletion — about 2.1% per year after weight loss — meaning that the skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles may appear more severe. In addition, broken collagen and degraded elastin, produced by aging and external factors such as sunburn, contamination, and so on, increase dryness, unbalanced tone, and fine lines.

We all know UV damage from the sun so it is not surprising that this is what causes aging. He stressed the need for sunscreen containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Peptides are another excellent ingredient such as Alastin Skincare’s TriHex Technology® which is said to be proven to help remove old, collagen-damaged elastin and help to promote elastin with new, healthier collagen. Antioxidants are another important factor to look for in skincare to help fight free radicals from the sun, pollution, and so on. These include niacinamide (vitamin B3), vitamin C, phytoene, phytofluene, and others.

Finally, it is recommended that you not forget about retinoids (Tretinoin drugs or retinol) to promote cell proliferation, lightening and smoothness of the skin, as well as help with pigmentary skin. Kennedy also strongly recommends retinol use in combination with microcurrent. He explains, “Microcurrent should be used daily with retinol as well, SPF. Microcurrents work to strengthen the muscles under the skin while retinol promotes cellular transformation. The skin changes every 30 days depending on the cells so this speeds up cell proliferation. ”

Both Kennedy and Karimi advocated avoiding anti-aging cosmetics that contain alcoholic beverages and fragrances as well as detergents that can peel the skin. “Since our skin releases less sebum as we age, it is best to avoid cold and dry substances such as grass, excess alcohol, or anything else that can cause inflammation of the skin,” says Dr. Karimi. “These products can be synthetic fragrances, menthol, or face creams that contain fruit pores or peanut butter.”

Our Top 50 Skin Tips for Your Skin:

1. Look ahead at the skin: It is important for your skin to be hydrated to keep it hydrated and for your skin to be strong. Water-repellent skin reduces wrinkles and improves the strength of your skin barrier.

2. Do not neglect your neck: The skin on your neck receives as much sunlight as your face does. The scalp is also very thin and requires a lot of water to regenerate due to the small pores that make up the skin that protects the skin from drying out and looking immobile.

3. Wear and apply sunscreen throughout the day (hat may not be wrong): It is always important to follow the instructions on your sunscreen page and it is important that your skin is protected. This section of your skin care product is very important to protect and maintain healthy, looking young skin.

4. Follow up with skin care: Adequate skin care habits are especially important for people in their 50’s. The inclusion of sunscreen, a variety of natural ingredients, and regular reduction of collagen and elastin are the reasons why women over 50 need a regular regimen to cope with the signs of aging. I will also prioritize SPF as # 1 in the list below. You can also include sun protection in the neck and arms as they are the clearest way to describe a person’s age.

5. Find a cosmetic product that you enjoy: There are many remedies that can help you to look your best. Find a reliable and knowledgeable decorator who can guide you and make personalized ideas based on your concerns.

Further, Kennedy and Drs. Karimi shares 20 best anti-aging oils in the 50s:

Za All Kinds of Skin

Za Skin Louma


Za Combining the Skin

Sensitive Skin

Za Acne-sensitive skin

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Retinol Night Cream

White Night Cream


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