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20 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Ideas To Smile SO

As the second week of February begins each year, Adam and I just look at each other in amazement and ask, “So … what should we do on Valentine’s Day?” Most traditional ideas can be a little low (not to mention expensive), so I always look for Valentine’s Day ideas that can still feel romantic and unique.

I remember the first year we celebrated Valentine’s Day as a family, we cooked Adam’s dinner filled with meat and chocolate soufflés, and it was unforgettable that we tried to do something out of the box every year since then. Whether you are married or single, keep checking for 20 unique ideas that will ensure that your Valentine’s Day is a fun, informative one.

Day Tip # 1: Find and go to a driving concert.

A bonus place to dress up and bring your lawn mowers and snacks.

Day # 2 Idea: Create a private theater in your home with a project and watch a romantic movie.

Just add popcorn, Raisinets, and two pairs of good socks.

Day Tip # 3: Go to the roller coaster.

Or playing on ice. The goal here is to change the format you like by shaking hands with almost any type of rom-com.

Date Tip # 4: Make a karaoke night in your living room.

This sounds like my vision of hell, but I know it is in your ways. Also, if you were born with the voice of an angel, this might be a good way to get him to fall in love with you right away. If you want to become an expert at it, check out the Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Mic.

Day Tip # 5: Walk early in the morning to see the sunrise.

I know, I know – it looks like pain. But there is nothing more magical than watching the sun rise, and getting up early in the morning to break out in a sweat is a very connected experience.

Day Tip # 6: Set up home art.

Whether it means painting in an adult coloring book, creating a collage of your favorite photos together, or publishing artist’s notes, lower your creative skills.

Date Tip # 7: Mix a homeless shelter package.

Paper bags or shoe boxes containing food, water, socks, handkerchiefs, and more and keep them in your car the next time you pass a needy person. It is great to see your SO serving others and wasting its free time for the right reasons. You may even find yourself falling in love again.

Date Tip # 8: Take a real cooking class.

Connection to marinara pots and tiramisu pots? Write me!

Date Tip # 9: Prepare a tasting at a wine or beer booth at Zoom.

We love to visit wineries and miss our small tours. This year, I want to prepare a taste where we can send wine to our home and recreate those ideas. Another fun activity is buying three bottles of wine: one for $ 20.00, one for $ 10.00, and one for $ 5.00. Cover the bottles in the foil and mix around, then try to figure out what it is! It is very strange sometimes.

Date Tip # 10: Carry your favorites and drive to the most beautiful places to see the stars.

When did you and your SO look at the stars together? There is something about the night sky that is such a reminder of the growth of the universe – and how fortunate you have been to find each other there.

Day Tip # 11: Take the “accommodation” to your favorite hotel in your area.

I think every family should get some rest once in a while and stay up all night, even if most vacations are not on the cards. Add room service, watch a movie, jump in the hot tub, and sleep.

Date Tip # 12: Take a real dance class.

Check out the YouTube consultants who offer salsa or swing advice. Prepare your dance moves the next time you go to a wedding or a rural bar.

Date Idea # 13: Bring your first date.

For Adam and I, this could combine Chinese restaurants, Peking Duck, and many chardonnay glasses. If you have been together for some time, you will no doubt find it enjoyable to laugh about the first few days, and it can also be a valuable reminder of why you fell in love. Be creative with how you can change your days at home! Pick up food from restaurants, cut down on electricity, use tablecloths, or whatever other restaurants have.

Day Tip # 14: Take a picnic and bike ride somewhere special together.

There is something special about riding a bike together to a special place for a picnic together. Pour your favorite cheese and pastries and snacks into a picnic basket – don’t forget the wine bottle!

Day Tip # 15: Check out the local bookstore.

You do not have to be an accountant to make this a great day (though, bonuses if you have one). Go out and search for piles! Choose self-study material or choose one of your own. When you get home, curl up in bed and read side by side. There is nothing like a little book to set the mood.

Day Tip # 16: Prepare breakfast in bed.

There is nothing better than feeding pancakes when you are under the covers. Whether you want something healthy and vibrant or craving your favorite food (again, pancakes), as long as you’re sitting in the kitchen together and sharing your food, you can’t go wrong with this day.

Day Tip # 17: Travel by train.

This idea may be a bit concerned, but no little planning will happen. Train travel gives you the opportunity to see the surrounding area in a very relaxing way. You do not have to worry about where you are going — everything is about the journey.

Date Idea # 18: Strengthen your day at night.

Night dates are good and universal, but once you put it on a particular topic, you can be immersed in new situations. And really, nothing says more about love than pride in France. Want all the vibe of Paris without a plane ride? Create your favorite French music drama, create a French-made menu, and transform your dining room into one of France’s best restaurants, wherever you are.

Day Tip # 19: Make a vision board.

Sharing your dreams and laying the foundation for future plans is a great way to stay connected. You can create your own vision team or collaborate together. It is a fun and inspiring way, and it can facilitate discussions on everyone’s personal preferences and goals that you shared as a family. To find out how to get started, read our Visioning Guide here.

Day Tip # 20: Install it.

While a day out in the woods can be a journey that many of us are looking forward to, there are others who would love to be in the living room. Whether you were a scout in the past or had not slept all night outside, there are many ways to turn this day into a magical experience (hello, glamping). Do not forget about marshmallows.

This was originally published on February 9, 2020, and has been revised.

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