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2021 Holiday Gift Tips: Youth, Mother-in-Laws and Teachers

Who’s left on the holiday gift list? There are always a few people who stumble, so this week (on Instagram), we asked who you need ideas for. Your answers: mothers-in-law, teachers, and most of all twelve / young people. Here are a few suggestions, many under $ 30…


The eternal question is, what do young people become ?! Out of curiosity, I asked six young people to disclose the contents of their to-do lists. Their responses came quickly and included “everything Glossier,” “Nintendo Switch,” and “CANDLES.” Gift cards and video games were great, too. We love you, young people! You are doing a good job.


For your favorite co-workers, consider treating them like brownies for 4 p.m. or sending them men’s hats to laugh out loud. Even better, give in their name to ACLU, which fights every day to make the world a better place.


Top teachers make the world go round. (I shed tears of gratitude at our Zoom meetings this year!) To express my appreciation, “I like the gift cards with the thoughtful notes,” says teacher Whitney. “Also, sending emails to our employers telling them you appreciate us or sharing the stories we did for your child is VERY GOOD.” Remember, “Teachers have all the cups,” says Katie, as well as “millions of apples and pencils and other teacher decorations,” adds Heidi.


For family members who are having a hard time buying, think of a ticket to a fun restaurant nearby, 100% black apple juice on Sunday, or to support a 56-city organization that connects thousands of people to amazing nature events. . And, if in doubt, you can’t go wrong with socks!

Thoughts? Is this helpful? Are there any stumbling blocks to your list?

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PS Last year’s hard-to-buy-control, and complete 2021 Cup of Your Gift Guide!

(Top photo from The Babysitters Club / Netflix.)

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