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2021 Vacation Gift Guide: Men

2021 when a married director

Corduroy shirt that looks good, stable and 70s, like him. $ 98.

2021 when a married director

Empire of Pain, $ 19.50, a GRIPPING seller of the Sackler family, whose property was built by Valium and whose reputation was destroyed by OxyContin. Comments call it “interesting” “real fun.”

2021 when a married director

Exterior blanket – which is a duvets section, sleeping bag section – hanging from the walkway / balcony / desk throughout the winter. $ 99.

2021 when a married director

Extra virgin olive oil made with Sicilian olive oil. $ 33.

2021 when a married director

Magazine subscriptions (which you can read, too). Starting at $ 12.

2021 when a married leader

A two-sided cap to make fun of at work. $ 26.

Dark chocolate brownies, $ 26, or a self-made band.

2021 when a married director

NYC puzzle, $ 38, to take with you during recess.

2021 when a married director

Heattech socks, $ 7, since nothing makes you feel cooler inside and out than hot socks, and these are SUPPORTABLE.

2021 when a married director

Wireless camera, $ 40, because with two kids, a busy job, and a sexy beard to take care of, you just want to make life easier.

A romantic dinner, both of you, as that is all she wants…

… Well, that’s a piece of bread.

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