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40 Things You Should Do With Peers When You Are Offended (Tested and Approved!)

Like many of you, I spent the last year isolated and socializing with my friends. However, when the time came for me to visit again, I quickly realized that I had gone too far. “Chatting” did not come as easy as it used to! There are times when you have an interesting idea of ​​what to do and it seems you don’t have enough hours during the day to go through your list. But there are also times when frustration can be overwhelming. When this happens, it becomes easier for you to end up sitting around, and to walk “together” without being around. Are you tempted to go to an old coffee shop or a regular pit? Keep reading. To help with the promotion of my creative hangouts, I put together a list of things you can do with your friends when you get tired.

After a year of endless spending good time with my friends, my goal is to be intentional in every moment for me to be in front of them. If you are meeting again and looking for ideas, you have come to the right place. Use the ideas below to encourage or as a bucket list. Fatigue, buh-bye.

How to Deal With Peer Pressure:

1. Create spa activities. It can be as simple as lifting your feet and throwing a veil over your face, or as an insertion of a foot or a train, and hair masks.

2. Go for a walk. Exercise in a beautiful park or in the neighborhood when you talk and look at the house (my favorite part).

3. Play a game. Whether it’s a card, a board game, a beer pong, or old skins, the game is a huge distraction to your friends.

4. Have a video contest. It’s okay if you don’t have the energy to work. Watch every Harry Potter movie with a hot bag of popcorn and a glass of wine. Or use the best 90’s movie series as inspiration.

5. Make a video of exercise and dancing. Because dance parties are always good with friends.

6. Make seasonal cocktails. Enjoy this and use your best glasses with new ingredients. Then enjoy your friendship.

7. Find a nearby beach or pool. You are not too old to play in the water with your best friends. Don’t forget to pack everything you need – a list of things you can carry at sea will help you!

8. Try a new restaurant in town. Get out of your comfort zone and find something new together. Everyone calls different on the menu.

9. Prepare wine at home. Buy three bottles of wine: one for over $ 20, one for around $ 15, and one for less than $ 10. Cover the bottles in the foil, pour each person a drink, and guess what the wine is. Or try a natural wine like pèt nat and open your own palette!

10. Do something creative. Go to the art gallery and choose a fun project or go downtown wearing old jeans or t-shirts with scissors and knitting tools.

11. Introduce a group of books. Plans always seem to come together well in front of you, so use your time and start a book club. Make a list of the books you want to read (each one adds one to the list). Encourage with the most talked about books on TikTok.

12. Create a team of ideas. Make a board with the community members or create one individually. Compare later.

13. Have a global dinner party. Create and enjoy a menu with delicious food from around the world. My best international food: spicy tuna rice, table pizza, tacos for dinner, and a portion of truffle baked goods. Oh, it’s a salt gelato.

14. Love your TV show. This is one of the things I like to do when I’m upset with my friends. Choose a short group and see it all in one day.

15. Set up a beautiful table and order a takeout. Make setting the table a part of dinner, not cooking. Use the dishes that sit on the back of your cage and pick up dust and cloth towels that you have been too lazy to use.

16. Try a new approach. Because trial and error are fun to laugh with your partner.

17. Cook something. I like to cook with my friends especially so I don’t eat all the cookies alone.

18. Make your own pizza. Start from scratch with a homemade cross or use store-bought boils. Find your size so everyone can go crazy with their top choices. More fun than Domino’s.

19. Try practicing yoga. Watch a video or travel with each other through your favorite tracks.

20. Do a distraction. Call me crazy, but that’s ridiculous fun. Is there anyone who competes by putting in the final piece of puzzles?

21. Create a new playlist together. Add songs that remind you together and listen to them when you are away.

22. Clean your room and showcase. You know what’s going on from Sex & The City when Carrie Bradshaw walks out of her house and tries on all her clothes to get her friends to vote for her? Yeah, do that. Useful and fun.

23. Have your taste for CS. Go to the grocery store and buy all kinds of ice cream and put them on the price, or make some recipes and try some more.

24. Give each other a change. Do not let the other person look in the mirror and make up their makeup and / or hair. If the result is good, come out and show it!

25. Go shopping. Online or in-person, choose a dress that everyone else should wear. Be good at this, girls.

26. Write letters to each other. We certainly send a heartfelt message to each other, but the text is temporary. Manuscripts are an art that is about to die. I am determined to stay alive.

27. Make and compare bucket lists. Take some time for each one to write down the things they want to do / achieve, then compare and create a “list” of similar things. Then go do it together.

28. Praise one another. Go around and tell everyone what you like about them. Take time to encourage your friends and remind them of how good they are.

29. Make the most delicious coffee. Add a new product, lower your milk supply, or just enjoy it as an option for the day. Tip: notice how your partner eats coffee to surprise you with a joe cup next time.

30. Imbani karaoke. Traditional karaoke is fun enough, but if you want to laugh, try Cowboy Karaoke. The singer has headphones with loud music, is blindfolded, and cannot hear himself singing. For everyone else, you get a fun look at A Cappella.

31. Learn new skills. Your growth is always a good thing, but learning new skills with your friends makes everyone feel supported. Try a single cooking class (MasterClass and Sur La Table both offer more options) or jump into a new production process via Skillshare. Enjoy each other and accept each other’s successes.

32. Stand firm. Playing together regularly is a good time. You can also bring a goal to add to your friends’ games only at night and choose a number of options that allow you to learn new things from each other. We Are Not Really Aliens and The Hygge Game are all loved!

33. Open your enneagram. When it comes to getting to know each other, enneagram is a great way to learn more about yourself and your friends. Enter the nine versions of Enneagram and ask questions to find out who you are. Once you know your race, do one activity that gives you the opportunity to share and reflect on what you have learned. This book leads you through deliberate discussions based on your type of Enneagram. Bonus: If you are starting a book club with friends (see point # 11), read on The Way Back To You so you can become an Enneagram expert together.

33. See your city. Even if you have lived in your town for many years, there are new places to find. Think of a list of museums, museums, malls, and many more that you would like to see. Spend the day walking around and seeing what’s around you fresh.

34. Shibori childhood. One of the oldest forms of indigo dye in Japan, shibori dye is a well-known tradition. This tool has everything you need to get started. Gather a few pieces to dye (white clothes, reusable towels, and tea towels are good choices) and get ready to make your own masterpiece.

35. Immerse yourself in an unfamiliar topic. In some cases, the best way to deal with loneliness is to go into a rabbit hole randomly. Select the topic you want to learn more about. This can be anything and you can be as specific as you want. Choose one lesson, research it, and share all the fun things you need to learn.

36. Try the TikTok virus repair method. Whether you are Gen Z or not, we cannot deny it: TikTok is a great place to promote recipes. Make a rice bowl for Emily Mariko (promise you will crave any food later) or try breaking it up to have round and uniform cakes.

37. Enjoy the flowers. Go to the store and buy your favorite flowers. Set up pots and pans with all the tools you need to make your own DIY flowers.

38. Go to the Museum. The benefit of the radical change in real life is that many museums around the world have made their collections available online. Louvre offers well-selected tours and The Getty gives you a glimpse of their shows. See a list of many museums that you can access via your computer.

39. Humble your hearts; There are many step-by-step tutorials on how to make any weaving you can dream of. Fish ties, French twists, Dutch twists, you name it. Practice what you have learned from each other – you can find the hair you love.

40. Write down your nails. DIY mani-pad or walk together to a local salon. Whether you’re doing it at home or fixing your nails professionally, shake things up and try on a color or style that you wouldn’t find.

Save this for future reference when you are frustrated with your friends and leave your thoughts below!

This was originally published on June 11, 2021, and has been revised.

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