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5-Ingredients Pesto Parmesan Potatoes Filled With Spice

When it comes to my repertoire kitchen, there are a few foods I switch to. I have my own salad recipes, evening snacks (which are 10 times better than avocado toast), and a green smoothie that burns most often in the morning. Everything I eat is a test or a quantity of the ingredients I have and can be a dish or for what I crave that day. So, when I find a method I do not so many times a year, but several times within a month, you know it has to be good. Enter my five items of pesto parmesan potatoes.

We are, of course, in the potato season, and I would not be happy about it. It’s all about mashed potatoes and fried potatoes, but I’ve come here to talk about fried potatoes. By itself, fried potatoes are the best. The clear appearance of the shiny gold and the inside of the butter is hard to beat, but when I think of the potatoes, I like to use it as a blank sheet. Using a few ingredients that add flavor, these potatoes go from perfect to excellent.

The best part about this recipe is that you can use any potato you have. I used a variety of different flavors: Yukon gold, fingers, and small potato chips. With several cutting techniques, all of them will burn together on one tray and become a ready fork at once. For baby potatoes, I keep them all. You can cut them in half if you want, or split one half into two pieces, but I like to have a caramelize skin in the oven for this. For the fingers, I just cut this in half with a horizontal section to make the inside crispy on a paper tray.

And for me, this potato star is Yukon gold. Since these are larger than other types of potatoes, I did not cut them in half, and Hasselback cut them so that the heat could pass through the potatoes easily and cook immediately like other potatoes on a tray. In addition, this allows pesto topping to get into the potatoes and add tons of extra.

Talking about, let’s talk about pesto. I bought it at the store. Yes, all in a nutshell. In addition, there are many types of pesto that exist today then as good as home. If you make the best kind of home remedy, more energy for you, but to be comfortable here, there is no judgment on using the contents of the jar.

To serve, I add roasted and fried garlic paste that adds a hint of sweetness, parmesan salt, and zingy lemon juice that helps reduce the weight of potatoes and cheese. I just stood on my kitchen island and ate these potatoes from the tray to eat – it’s no shame in this game!

Whether you serve this as part of a roasting Sunday, or at your thank-you table, I guarantee this will be repeated in your kitchen.

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