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5 Secrets of Stressed-Out Family Food

Simple family meals without worries written by Jenny Rosenstrach

The family dinner looks a little different in my house these days…

Last September, all my girlfriends left me, I mean he left for collegewhich means washing a few clothes and having a silly time to think about a question that bothers parents around the world every night at 6:00: What should we do with food? Nowadays, only my husband and I, and since we all work from home, we often stay away from each other, so we can talk about dinner all day. (Heirloom beans need eight hours to ripen? No problem. exercise. of the house, cook two teaspoons noflexibility oral, and instructions for recipes “marinate for at least 30 minutes” can make me tailspin. To you who live on the same street, I have come to tell you: Everything is going well. Here are a few things I have learned over the years that will help you one day when you lose the battle of broccoli and think about hanging an apron for dinner on a regular basis.

1. Useless Food
This can also be said: The Key to a Family Dinner is What Happens. I’m a cook, so we ate well in my house (and I don’t want to mess up good food), but when I look back on 18 years of family meal, it’s my favorite thing. nostalgic about not being able to make a piglet with the skill or it is fun that my daughter can enjoy cacio e pepe. I think especially of the children we sat together night after night and night to talk about what happened at school or what was on the topic, or, more often than not, nothing really at all. Knowing that we had a permanent, secure rest, a safe place to be taken from the earth, a place to not be “on” … the gift is a lasting legacy of a family dinner. (For me, by the way, not just for kids.) There are four other points I want to hit on in this article, but these are the only ones that matter.

2. Visual Displays
I found so annoyed by experts telling me this rule, but here’s the thing: It seemed like the truth. Exposing children to foods that they repeatedly reject may encourage them to try, and perhaps even enjoy it. I’m not saying this is easy! My second daughter ate a little like a baby; no matter what we put in front of him, no matter how many different foods we tried, he would never affect anything. But we kept on serving what the rest of us ate, for, really, what choice did we make? You know the end of the story, right? Let’s put it this way: He just texted me every dinner he wanted when he came back from college during the February break and no Cheerio or chicken finger can be found in the middle of the lot.

3. No one keeps a goal
A family dinner is not a referendum on your self-esteem. It’s easy to beat yourself up for kids who don’t eat the food you caught (or didn’t work for). It’s easy to compare yourself to parents whose children seem to eat everything while yours survives the honey-flavored Teddy Grahams. It is easy to imagine everyone but you have realized how to eat a warm and quiet family where everyone lives and eats what they are given. (They didn’t! And we never did to try to eat healthy food until our youngest is three years old.) No one is watching. No one is judging you. Just head over to the dinner menu.

4. You no longer need the Great Song
The variety and flavor of life is everything, but let’s be honest, even the most ambitious among us often don’t have the energy to enjoy a delicious dinner that requires our own homemade, three pots, one cookie, a last minute trip to a specialty market. I remember reading somewhere that if you can only cook seven meals without cooking, your family dinner will be easy. I choose pizza, pasta, quesadillas, rice and beans, an omelet full of vegetables and chicken. Despite all the recipes I’ve made over the years, they’ve always been my MVPs. In other words: Think about what makes people happy. That’s what people want! And when the people are happy, you will no doubt cook for the people the next night! If this annoys your intended side, just go for it turn off on weekends.

5. Make The Table A Fun Place
I think I can hear eyewitnesses moving. I understand. Isn’t it enough just to get everyone at the table at the same time eating the same food? Yes it is. (See # 1.) I feel like in many ways, making a family dinner was good for me, for example, when I did a lot, it was easier, it was easier, it was a lot harder to do. . That consistency also depended on how comfortable the table was. To that end, I thought I would never be offended if the girls did not eat what I served (allowed to make their own peanut butter sandwich), and although I was always tempted to talk, say: ACT preparation class or how summer hunting work goes, I did my best no problem. (That’s what the whole day is supposed to be!) That doesn’t mean I won every night, but I tend to think the effort was a success. And probably for good reason in some way all these years later, me pa Think of dinner – even with just the two of us – as a small gift that I can give myself each night.

What did you learn from this experience? Please share…

PS How to get your kids to talk about dinner and 9 simple family dinner that we love until death.

(Photo by Chelsea Cavanaugh Dinner: Love Story.)

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