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7 Best Cooking Tips I Learned on Reddit

Trying to divert my attention from Instagram and Twitter in 2020, I found myself embarking on an online world that I never thought I could get close to: Reddit. Some would say that the site, founded by Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian in 2005, is as dangerous as the aforementioned programs, and I’m sure it may be true, but Reddit has something on Twitter and Instagram missing: the circles are. calm — sometimes very firm — to promote good communication. There are areas (so-called subreddits) on everything from music and inspirational stories to The Real Housewives franchise, but one I have found to be nothing but real good is r / Cooking. “Reddit chefs are the ones who want to learn to cook,” I fell into the last category, and I found some great cooking tips following an interesting subreddit discussion.

In Cooking Reddit, there are no dumb questions, just thoughtful answers. It is a refuge for frustration from the kitchen. (“Silent moment for the chickens that I just emptied and filtered” remains a favorite pastime.) It’s the kind of place Amy Adams lives in. Julie and Julia he would go — and, possibly, to irritate others — to share his journey Knowledge of French cooking skills. For a novice like me, visiting Cooking Reddit can feel like taking all the free information – everything is provided carelessly, often wisely. It is one of the best places on the internet.

I have been mining for the forum for the past year and keeping the thread that attracts me along the way. Before the start of the cooking holidays, I decided to share some of the r / Cooking value.

Baking Bacon

Someone was so impressed with some of the cooking tips, they created a new post to thank the anonymous Redditor who shared their bacon grandma’s Secret. Game change requirement: flour. “Just a little glance around, place the slices on a baking sheet lined with foil, and then bake for 25 minutes in a 350-degree F oven. No less, perfectly crispy. Kiss Chef!

Spread the Love

u / Jako_Spade asked a question: if you are allowed to use the same oil for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Best winner: velvet-soft Irish gemstones by chef KerryGold. However, Le Prés Salés should be mentioned respectfully, as is Trader Joe’s salty butter.

Someone Must Go

After trying the best crown pasta form (many agree it depends on the sauce), it was time to choose the worst. Or as u / BitPoet put it, “a bad pastoral relationship, which is not something you can buy, but it reveals ‘I’m a bad person who just has hatred in their hearts’.”

Pain for the winner, penne lisce (smooth penne), but fairly! Apart from that, it was the only pasta left on Italian shelves in the early days of the plague.

State Pride

One favorite chef (and Instagrammer) wanted to cook 50 different dishes to represent the United States, so he asked r / Cooking to find a way that best represented each country. Understandably, the answers were heartwarming. Originally from Maryland, there was a crab party with Old Bay spices. In Indiana, Hoosier’s pork sandwiches were very appealing. Texas brought brisket barbecue to the table, as well as salt, scotcharoos from Iowa.

Hacks That Heal

Have you found a recipe that has completely changed the game? u / Leonardo-di-Caprisun found two (chicken cubes in pasta water and used a scissors to cut everything, including chicken thighs), and wanted to know what other “amazing but life-changing” things some users needed to give.

Several favorites:

From u / JMSidhe: “Adding orange juice to pumpkin or banana bread. Acidity increases light versus spice.

From u / dalore: “Cooking flour on chicken skin makes it very bitter.”

From u / 365 seats: “Store ginger in the refrigerator. Use a small fork or grater to make dry ginger in sauces, fried rice, and so on. “

From / calinet6: “Well, people call me crazy, they call me nuts, they make fun of me, and they make fun of me every time I bring this up. toss with a little olive oil and salt and pepper, then microwave and cover for 5 minutes, then directly in a metal pan to make them crispy.

And your favorite, from u / mmcookingchannel: “Stop cutting things before you cut them. Use the end as a handle. “

Comfort Food

Only at r / Cooking where the polling station can be complete and political. Last November, u / rawlingstones asked what everyone eats at the event. Many switched to “cracked red grapes from Spain. A whole bottle of it,” but some began to make it. each (first: tator tot casserole from Minnesota) .One user found a 1940s version of the “Choice Cake” made of lemons and raisins, which he said was incredibly delicious.

Freedom to Boast

This fall, u / sir002 asked a question that I do not believe I would have ever considered asking a r / Cooking team: which is the best way for everyone? From the bolognese and tartar sauce to the sticky toffee pudding, the ingredients were split and the secrets were lost. HarperCollins, note.

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