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7 Different Types of Painting in 2022, According to Manufacturers

It’s no surprise that many artists look at decoration initially as a means of expression and inspiration. There’s an incomparable power that comes from looking at a green line of trees, a bright red apple, or a striking blue in the ocean – color is a great way to change. Designer Rebecca Atwood knows. In his book Modeling: Painting, Design, and Home Printing, the artist, and the textile designer described the transformative power found in the colors around us. “Paint is one of the most powerful visual aids we have to help the atmosphere. It has the influence of subconscious mind,” wrote Atwood.

What is most interesting about color is how it attracts our attention in different ways and how we too want different colors at different times in our lives. There is no group of experts more aware of this than interior designers, who apply paint to our living spaces in ways that speak to our desires and to the outside world. Every year a wave of well-known internal genres comes to the game that speaks to the zeitgeist. And in 2022, the aforementioned national players say what we want: Easy. Comfort. Reading. Rest.

“The last few years have been a frustrating one for us,” says interior designer Shelly Rosenberg, owner and executive producer of Shelly Rosenberg Studio and Acorn & Oak. “With all the turmoil that surrounds us, we will naturally turn inwardly to seek comfort. Biophilia is our ultimate desire to connect with nature, and as small, self-propelled little creatures make their own nest, I often see a colorful hideout like a den.

Photo by Todd H. Carlson, courtesy of Marissa Matiyasic.

The 7 Most Popular Types of Design 2022-Predicted by Aesthetes

# 1. Brown-Toned Grays with Precious Tones

Farrow & Ball Jitney. Photo courtesy of Farrow & Ball.

There is a natural attraction of colors that makes for instant gratification right now. Rosenberg predicts that this break will be sought in brown-gray as well as tones of value. Gray-gray shades allow the room to “take a deep breath, calming our nervous system like sleeping in the soft sun,” he explains. Although gemstones “quietly strengthen, but they pull and add weight like a thick blanket.”

Paint Options:

Suitable Rooms:

Rosenberg says it would be easy to assume that these colors are suitable for family rooms or bedrooms, because they were designed for us to relax. But they see this in unexpected places, such as entrances, breakfast rooms, and kitchens because of the good they offer. This inspiring palette will boldly enter these rooms “to greet us with strength and confidence in our future,” he says.

# 2. Creamy Whites

Benjamin Moore Dove White. Photo by Megan Lorenz courtesy of Allison Dozier Interiors.

This color is not really white, nor is it beige, explains Liz Lipkin, owner and executive producer of Liz Lipkin Interiors. “Think of them as white or old,” he says. All of these colors have comfort and solace that bright white people do not. Allison Dozier, owner and executive producer of Allison Dozier Interiors is also looking at warmer whites in 2022. “Warm whites are timeless and flexible and play well with all kinds of decorations,” said Dozier, who used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove in public. kitchen.

Likewise, Rosenberg foresaw the chalky whites coming into the barn, as they, in turn, offer comfort and support to other indigenous peoples of the time.

Paint Options:

Suitable Rooms:

Draw outside the lines when it comes to these whites. While these shades work in a full living room or bedroom, they are also a great addition to a study or as a special wall shade.

# 3. Terracotta

Photo courtesy of Heather Knierim courtesy of HBK, courtesy of Jennifer Rhode Design.

Think of the beautiful clay soil of the Arizona desert or the leafy Italian boat. This terracotta variety is fun and quiet, as well as a “great color right now,” according to Jennifer Rhode, owner and executive producer of Jennifer Rhode Design. “There is something about that kind of heat and humidity that I think is starting right now with all the madness going on in the world,” adds Rhode.

Choosing Paint:

Suitable Rooms:

This type is a luxury room that finds a lot of traffic, from the kitchen to the living rooms to libraries and pits. Rhode’s ability to use terra cotta also includes weaving and accessories, such as planter or toilet, or larger pieces including a terra cotta sofa (as he did in this room). If washing the walls of terra cotta and walking boldly, they think to take this approach, which goes well with white walls.

# 4. Natural Soft Green Green

Sherwin Williams Basil. Photo courtesy of Little Black Dresser Interiors.

There is no other color that combines the images of nature with hope as green does, which is why many manufacturers are moving with this 2022 color. “It has always been a neutral color in my mind, but it blends well with many other colors,” says Marissa Matiyasic, major manufacturer of Reflections Interior Design. “There are a lot of shades of green that I think we will continue to see, including tons of evergreen green to the deep emerald tree.”

Emily Contrucci and Elizabeth Van Maanen, owners and co-founders of Little Black Dresser Interiors, say they are also leaning on natural leaves, but mostly on the “dusty” side. If the word “dust” causes confusion (ie does it mean dirty?), Do not be nervous. Contrucci and Van Maanen state that the word rendered “pure” literally means “pure and unmovable.” “Dust colors also bring something else, making them look nice, minimal, fun and lightweight and airy,” Contrucci said.

Paint Options:

Suitable Rooms:

The natural green color scheme is perfect for “every room,” says Matiyasic, who used Benjamin Moore Porch Swing in this airy kitchen. Contrucci and Van Maanen promote dust-free bathrooms, nurseries, and living rooms. He says the secret is to think clearly and to add, because the dusty green creates an unexpected contrast to the word wall, as well as an amazing layer when you paint the cabinets and shelves.

# 5: Violet

Benjamin Moore Violet Petal. Photo courtesy of Susan Bednar Long of SB Long Interiors.

Let’s face it: Life has always been difficult for us, but lately it has become very difficult. With this in mind, Susan Bednar Long, owner and chief producer of SB Long Interiors, says that 2022 will look for the inner colors that make our lives vibrant, joyful, and joyful. On top of her predictions is violet. “Purple shades have regal roots and especially soft violet and lilac are gentle and reminiscent of fun things like sweets, flowers, and spring,” she predicts.

Paint Options:

Suitable Rooms:

Since this type is designed to elevate and produce a smile — there are no rules. Examine the walls of the bedroom, bathroom, and even the front door in this fun way. Bednar Long chose the client’s morning location. As they say, “There is no morning to complain in this area!”

# 6 Sea glasses

Benjamin Moore Seaglass. Photo by Sara Davis.

“Remember all the tea in the 1990s?” asks producer and producer Sara Davis. “It’s back and it’s planning to come back in 2022 – but very professionally.” Davis, who writes his projects on his page Sincerely Sara D., says the polls show that green and blue are their favorite colors, and teal is the way to have fun. “Teal combines the stability of the blue of blue with hope and the environment that is evergreen,” he says.

Paint Options:

Suitable Rooms:

Because teal has a delicate texture that promotes calmness, a clear impression, it is ideal for a bedroom or bathroom. “Teal is a form of relaxation and mental and spiritual stability,” he explains.

# 7: Black

Behr Black. Photo by Cindi Yang.

It’s very interesting: Despite all the gravitational pull going into the world, the colors of 2022, one of the most spectacular will have a successful and rich black card, says the founder and maker of Cindi Yang. “There are people who are looking for a little change in drama over the years,” says Yang, who believes a black person adds a “good drama” to a room where they are not politically neutral and appreciative. “I’m starting to see blacks being used more frequently.”

Choosing Paint:

Suitable Rooms:

Black makes the place more fun and romantic, according to Yang. They recommend choosing to paint the basement, production area (such as a music studio), or a bathroom (seen here at Yang’s home) in this deep color. “It’s an excellent color to help bring out other things in the room, such as brightly colored fabrics or high heels,” he says.

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