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7 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself The Most Fun Night

Most days at 5 p.m., you will find me immersed in a hot tub with a good book and a cup of tea (or a cup of occasional wine.) It is a tradition I have always loved — and even does a lot of it. because of my health better than anything else, I like to do this once in a while. But I soon found myself asking, why? So I decided to make bathing a part of my life. I light a candle, light a song, and change the work day into a relaxed, modern, peaceful. Since these soothing moments are so important as we move into the busy part of the year, I compiled a list of encouraging self-care activities to include during the holidays. Use these self-help ideas to create a deeper connection with yourself – then let these same goals guide your delivery.

in collaboration with Haven Well Within, filmed by Michelle Nash

Get in the soft stuff

One thing most of us have noticed in our privacy is that a large living room can do more for you than anything else. Gone are the days when ratty sweat will do – we have realized that one of the best ways to do it for ourselves (and our loved ones) is to wear a sweatshirt on the couch, or soft cashmere socks to get in front of a holiday marathon movie. There are a few things higher than being really comfortable at home, and here are a few favorites from Haven Well Within that everyone on your list would love:

Pour the festive drink

There’s a reason why a happy hour exists: there’s something about sweet drinks that shows to the brain that work day is over and it’s time to relax. Although the pinot noir cup is always sweet, especially in the hot months, many of my friends (including myself, usually) stop drinking alcohol within a week in order to be happier and stronger the next morning. Fortunately, there are many delicious, non-alcoholic foods on the market that make the back-to-work drink fun, non-alcoholic. The key is to turn it into a custom with a beautiful glass, a botanical drink, and a twist of lime.

Create emotional experiences

By all means, the smell is what really affects how I feel. And the beautiful lighting and the combination of other home-made spices such as sweeteners in my home invigorates me every time I walk in my front door. Light a candle near the bed or table, take a deep breath and enjoy this moment. Here are some tips to help you make your home a safe haven:

Run for a bath

Is there anything more rewarding than a hot shower (or for me a hot shower)? Good hydration not only comforts, it also promotes our mental and physical health. For me, having a relaxing time in the water jug ​​is my way of taking care of myself and it has healed me wonderfully. Sometimes I plan a detox bath to support my health in times of stress or fatigue – it’s a game changer. Here are a few things that help elevate my experience.

Feed your skin

My skin-care routine has also become part of my daily routine of taking care of myself. Vacation time always raises cortisol levels, so devoting five minutes to feeding and attending is essential to staying healthy and calm. I started using face masks or gua sha as I applied my moisturizer to relieve pressure on my jaw and neck – two areas that always seem tight. Keep reading to find out a few tips that I help make my skin care traditions look like a spa.

Watch the podcast or audiobook

Is there anything higher than climbing into the ears and putting on a meditative meditation or podcast? I love climbing into bed with my medicinal tea, closing my eyes, and obsessed with the fascinating podcast that soothes my brain and keeps me asleep.

Get in bed early to get enough sleep.

If you have come here for a while, you know how we need to sleep. From foods high in melatonin to Zeitgeber rhythms and blackout shades, we are constantly looking at recent research to better understand the sleep science and the steps necessary for our Zs to be healthy. If you are also looking for a good night’s sleep, keep reading some of the things we swear to include high-quality clothing, perfumes, eye drops, and good blankets – give a good night’s sleep.

If you are like me, you try to make your home your favorite place. This season, help your loved ones lose weight, be able to take care of themselves, and be present for the coming year.

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