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8 Kitchen Decor Trends of 2022, According to Designers

That is part of the building project. Home life. And, in many ways, the foundation of our home life. We are talking about the kitchen – the room that supports us. As a result, 2022 kitchen decor is on our minds as we rely heavily on the room.

There is something about the kitchen that draws our attention. (Have you ever noticed that the best conversations happen when you are on the counter?) But because we want more from this room, our expectations can be a difficult place to make. The kitchen is supposed to be functional, which means that the decoration should not fade, smoke and leak, always providing the necessary relief in our crazy days. As Pearson Turnbull, owner of Santa Ynez General, tells us below, this year’s kitchens are becoming a place to “close the whole house.”

Considering the multidisciplinary requirements, the top of the kitchen design in 2022 focuses on commitment and good intentions. There is only one place that is comfortable, beautiful, and interesting to combine with a great way to replace the tiles that have replaced the most popular floor tiles, and high-end cabinets will soon be a thing of the past!

Read on for eight great kitchen decorations that interior designers expect to see everywhere this year.

Activity # 1: Big Big Backsplashes

Photo by Duy Nguyen, courtesy of Studio Ten Interior Design.

A year and a half later, some of us are living in our own home. With that in mind, Lori Sutherland Burns, executive producer and owner of Studio Ten Interior Design, believes that we are all “suffering from hunger and its magnitude, probably because we have been at home for so long in the last few years.” Burns tells us that there is a desire to stimulate visual effects in crowded places – for example, places where we cook, eat, and gather. Large, professionally designed backsplashes are one of the key elements in bringing this look into the kitchen cage. “These have been used to make a lot of money, but the purchase price and the settings can be reduced because they tend to be more popular,” Burns says. Simply put, this does not mean combining any tiles, he adds. “Follow the floor tiles … It’s all right but you’re done!”

Photo by Duy Nguyen; courtesy of Studio Ten Interior Design

Get Appearance:

Although Burns has been incorporating beautiful and bulky tiles and porcelain burns in kitchens for some time, it is said that this form is often stored in the bathroom – to this day. You can incorporate large tiles, such as 16 “x40” or 24 “x48”, to create narrower lines from the ceiling to the bottom of the top cabinets or slab for visual elements. The best part? This is cheaper than making a complete slab to match countertops. Also, the design of the tile or porcelain slab is easier to clean than one might think – it is essential for any hard-working kitchen.

Scenario # 2: Combining Beauty and Utility

Photo courtesy of Las Perelli.

Elena and Beatriz Perelli, two sisters of Las Perelli, have a natural ability to create functional and warm kitchens, a way they see others leaning this year. “We believe in creating a sustainable and sustainable environment,” Elena tells us, who states that the “inner” environment, which people are currently attracted to, and places that respect traditions, meet human needs, and “are designed to last for generations.” “Now that we are forced to spend more time at home, we think people will realize the importance of finding free, comfortable, comfortable, and durable kitchens,” says Beatriz.

Get Appearance:

To confuse the lines between necessities and decorations, Perelli’s sisters decorate with cooking utensils and kitchen items that are just as practical as they are beautiful. These include displaying old dishes, skilled kettles, enough cookbooks, and pieces of casserole cooking dishes. Doing so makes a person more grateful as he rides to meet the cook at home.

Exercise # 3: Comfort, Living Things

Photo of Kate Zimmerman Turpin kitchen, pictured here.

It is a fact that continues: Most of us continue to work from home in 2022 and while this is a unique opportunity, it can also be devastating. Turnbull admits: “We feel the effects of changing the fabric of our lives under one roof.” Because of this, it is believed that people are looking for a more relaxed and comfortable retreat when they get to the kitchen – a place to rest, as well as a rest from the whole house. “Kitchens are moving away from the open idea, back to a place where we can close the whole house,” he adds. We did not agree much.

Get Appearance:

Think of the kitchen as a more secluded place than a do-it-yourself place. To honor this, Turnbull predicts the natural, refreshing, living things used in the kitchen of 2022. There will be the sound of softwood tones, earthy vibes, and white lines. This can be done with wooden tools and minimal hardware.

Scenario # 4: Hood’s most iconic players

Nina Dobrev’s home photo by Chris Patey, pictured here.

Eliza Fox, head of interior design at Flow Smart Living, says there is a tendency to incorporate visual acuity into the kitchens of 2022. A prime example of this is the installation of larger hood fans on the stove. This — actually — gives your eyes reason to look up and your mind to stand up. Andrea Rodman, creative director of Andrea Rodman Interiors, agrees. The hood burner provides a “custom made” look in the kitchen that can have a very beautiful design.

Get Appearance:

Adding a hood makes for a big change in the kitchen. It requires the purchase of a large fan, which is readily available in any home improvement store. But if that doesn’t work out, Fox recommends adding tools and accessories, such as woodpeckers, that draw attention to themselves and create interest. The large hanging rattan pendant also does the trick. We love how Camille changed the hood for her recent kitchen change.

Activity # 5: Adequate Pantry Areas

Whether we are cooking food or tea, we are working in our kitchens, and basically, every inch of space is needed to make this easy. One should? Lots of pantry space. Andrea Rodman believes that the “built-in design” allows for extra cabinets, which provide more storage space as well as storage for dry items, dishes, and jar containers – you name it. Enhancing the actual space of your kitchen with additional storage is a way to improve the goals and results.

Photo courtesy of Andrea Rodman Interiors.

Get Appearance:

Rodman’s predictions of multiple warehouses may require a contractor, but do not let this deter you from obtaining this form. Consider combining a DIY solution with open shelves. Or, if space allows, a standing dining room.

Activity # 6: Distinguishing the Old and the New

Photo courtesy of Las Perelli.

Similar to the (age-old!) Myth that black can not be combined with navy, the kitchen should not stick to one theme or style. A mix of antique and modern pieces is what Las Perelli is made of, these sisters tell us — the beauty they see working hard in 2022. Combining the soft lines of the antiquity with the impressive details of the modern accessories gives the contrast of the selected items. , allowing their differences to be seen.

Get Appearance:

The options here are endless, but it can be useful to start with a piece of anchor in one beautiful group. Follow the direction of Perelli’s sisters and think of an old farmhouse table to set up, and then combine with a mix of cooking utensils and kitchen utensils from there.

Scenario # 7: White Hot Coat

Photo courtesy of Allison Dozier Interiors.

There is an unbeatable heat in the kitchen made of whitewash. This new, non-political tablet allows for the rest of the kitchen – kitchen appliances, windows, lighting fixtures – completely forgotten. Allison Dozier, senior producer and owner of Allison Dozier Interiors, sees hot whites as adults in 2022 in every room, especially the kitchen. “Hot white is timeless and flexible and plays well with all kinds of jewelry,” says Dozier.

Get Appearance:

The new paint coating is one of the cheapest home decor items that makes a big difference. Dozier favors Benjamin Moore’s White Dove for its warmth and political neutrality.

Scenario # 8: Light and Light (and No Top Cabinets!)

Photo courtesy of Jessica Nicastro Design.

That’s right: Jessica Nicastro, owner and CEO of Jessica Nicastro Design, says 2022 is the year of the kitchen opening. This begins with enlightenment: more and more from natural and artificial materials. After that? Exit the other room by returning the top cabinets. Once considered necessary, Nicastro predicts that high-end cabinets could be outdated. Do you agree?

Get Appearance:

The key is the layout. Nicastro recommends combining a combination of sconces, candle holders, and table lamps to provide bright light to illuminate and open. Windows are best without a curtain to allow enough natural light to irrigate during the day.

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