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A Big, Beautiful $ 1,000 Terrain Giveaway

$ 1,000 Terrain Giveaway

Who else enjoys the holidays? I can’t wait for cold noses and bright light and the smell of fire. One place to celebrate the season is Terrain, a home and garden that is a haven for nature and plants.

$ 1,000 Terrain Giveaway

First of all, their bright and beautiful lanterns, including the transition lamps and 16 million colors to choose from…

$ 1,000 Terrain Giveaway

And this beautiful vintage wreath, which works indoors or outdoors and has a twisted gold wire.

$ 1,000 Terrain Giveaway

Yes, they have amazing decorations.

$ 1,000 Terrain Giveaway

For small groups (or just a fun Tuesday evening), how good is the tea cheese board?

$ 1,000 Terrain Giveaway

In addition, decorations for cheese lovers (either gardeners or tractor fans or ice cream lovers).

For the past few years, we have been receiving wreaths at our home every November, and it sounds great and fun to come home to new plants.

$ 1,000 Terrain Giveaway

Everywhere, Terrain is a great vacation spot – with tablecloths, tree bark candles, and spices.

$ 1,000 Terrain Giveaway

Today, Terrain is offering a $ 1000 gift card for one lucky reader. To enter, please leave a comment below and let us know the contents of your list. Good luck! xo

Bonus for all readers: Terrain is offering a 20% discount on your order and TERRAINGOODCHEER code, starting November 14. Thank you very much.

(This post is sponsored by Terrain. Thank you for your support of the campaign that helped keep the Cup of Jo moving.)

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