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A Goal Setting Tool I Use to Set Goals for the Next Year

It doesn’t feel like long ago that I shared my thoughts on 2021 to break the script and have a lot of fun, and now, here we are, welcoming 2022 on the show. I know that elections can be inconsistent, and I am glad that the “new year, you new year” culture of the past years has been replaced by one of self-interest and acceptance. However, I am a firm believer in setting goals so that we can deliberately focus on our dreams, and for me, the start of the new year is a very powerful time to do this. So this year, I wanted to share a tool I created and used to set my goals a few years ago. It is a simple document that helps me to set goals. I have turned it into a Vision and Goal Setting Workbook that you guys can download and use for your own “cause” – I’m living in 2022 wholeheartedly!

In my vision room, I outline my favorite things for the coming year in every aspect of my life: relationships, work, health, personal growth, spirituality, and finances. Next, I point out one strong thing I can do at each stage to achieve my goal. It helps me visualize how I want the year to look systematic so I can go back and remind myself every day. For me, this show, combined with the professionalism of the project, is the key to making a real impact in our lives.

This process also helps us see our transformation and celebrate what we have done. An example of my passion: One of my favorite things about running a business is setting goals with my team, and seeing everyone use their unique strengths to achieve great things together. This year, we have made a huge impact on this page: over 100 million pages in 2021! Behind the scenes was a last night of getting the story right, recipes tested over and over again, countless views, long shot dates, making mistakes, learning from them and trying again. The big numbers are exciting, but the most exciting is seeing the journey it took us to get there and the personal growth that each of us experienced in doing this work. Our goal setting not only helped us define the goal, but it also helped us to see where we were going. I also realized that the goals I set earlier in the year were the same for me until I realized they had achieved them.

And that is what this Vision Workbook says. It’s not about the finish line, it’s about the amazing growth that can take place in a year. Our goals are road signs that show us the way to our destination.

Here are some tips on how to use this goal setting guide:

  • Enter your email here to get a link to the workbook sent by email directly to you.
  • Make a copy, rename it, and use this book to fill in your goals, goals, and dreams. You can delete my tips and examples in your copy – they are available to help you and start your own ideas.
  • Make it a point to review this document frequently. Save somewhere you can easily find, and don’t be afraid to change and change over the next year.
    • Monthly: I also check all the notes and notes on how each goal is achieved and if I need to make changes.
    • Every week: I also check my list of “people” once a week to remind myself who I want to hang out with most often.
    • Daily: I write my mantra and a list of what I want most at the top of my desk so that I can deliberately bring that energy into my daily activities.

Please give me your feedback! I would like to hear if this book is useful for you, as well as if there are any similar tools that you would like to receive. I wish each of you a good start to 2022 – I hope it is a year full of growth, happiness, and fulfillment.

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