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A Party at Elle’s Boutique Brings Fun for the Holiday Season

How I Collect

Bringing people together at the table is our greatest goal in life and we believe that food is the most powerful tool for communication. But what makes a meeting so meaningful? In our series, How I Collect we go back to our favorite chefs, food lovers, and taste lovers to answer this question. See All

He is fully connected to his passions, laughs easily and loves beautiful things, and has a magnetic field that can be enjoyed by a few who are not trying…? You have chosen. Sometimes, there is a launcher that displays the type he created so it is difficult to know when one is standing, and the other is starting.

Florescu opened the doors of Elle’s Boutique, an Austin shopping center that celebrates the “modern display of happiness and friendship” at the beginning of the epidemic, and, apparently, the year everyone is at home is not a bad time to start a brand. which speaks to the intimate search. In designing the venue, she decided to start out how she wanted people to feel when she passed by her door.

“I wanted the place to be like a Milanese lounge since the 1970s – although it was a commercial venture, I wanted it to be like a relaxing party where people feel encouraged, passionate and fun. There is always a nice bottle of cool flower,” a place of delight and excitement. ”

To celebrate the festive season, Elle invited a few of her friends to the store for a holiday party with some simple but hearty recipes, fried eggs, and seasonal parties. Find out more about lachic party (including the Secret of the Olive Cake) and its secret gathering experience. Instructions: affects the trip.

How do you get closer to having a party?

For me, everything is just different – I like to bring different ideas. I’m honest not prepared, but the beauty of our place is that we live close to our favorite restaurants. I could eat delicious cheese and charcuterie from Swedish Hill or a dozen oysters from Clark across the street. When it comes to drinks, we tend to create restaurants for special occasions; otherwise, with straight cocktails and rosé.

Tell us about Elle’s Boutique bungalow – it’s a great place.

The bungalow was built in the 1930’s, and it looked different when we first found it. Since it was small, we had to wear it respectfully, so we raised the ceiling, demolished many walls, and installed sky-lights and squares.

This form is defined by the various psychological events that I hope to find in any inner space. In the main room, I want the customers to feel interesting, playful, and comfortable, which is why we made it feel like a living room as much as possible.

Much of the inspiration came from Milan architect and artist Vincenzo De Cotiis – bold colors, rich looks, permanent chairs. We used a black plaster on the counter, a terra cotta plaster in the kitchen, and Sloan Houser. Chairs were usually standard or vintage. In a large space, the light pendant is Poulsen sourced from Sputnik in Dallas. Two suede LC3 seats and Cassina’s Le Corbusier that I found on 1stdibs. Four seats of burgundy Cassina cab had been given to me by my mother.

The dressing room was designed to be a safe, sexual, and high-quality space. I wanted people to relax in these places, not rushing. Light, a masterfully crafted mohair sofa, a shiny fur coat all contributed to this. There are no headlights, the glass is turned on to make a smooth light and all the lights are on the dimmer. My favorite part of all of this is the dye used in the dressing room. The light illuminates the bright red dye from the Fine Paints of Europe to create a bright glow. A grapevine that is always full makes people feel relaxed and happy. All the goals have been created to fit here.

What does a convention look like to you?

Fun in conversations or events. I like to get together to be based on something specific, or informal. In any case, the meeting should be considered. If he is comfortable with certain activities, it could be an outdoor paella picnic, breakfast on a group bike ride, or a gambling dice.

Even an unprepared party can be imaginative; for me, simplicity and intentionalness should be together. Everything is in detail – amazing cheese, plate dishes, music, spices.

Drive us every day for you.

I usually get up at about 8:00 am, roll over in bed, and sleep with our two dogs. I love this time in the morning; I feel calm and peaceful. My girlfriend Larry writes history and we have coffee together in our yard, on our two chairs. It all goes away when I realize that I’m late for something else — exercise, meeting, and so on. I do not have a work uniform; the same applies to anyone working in a boutique. Freedom of speech is very important to me. Sometimes it’s a baggy pants and t-shirt, sometimes it’s a leather jacket with a pattern. My appearance informs me of my clothes, and they can be anywhere from ordinary and uncomfortable, uncomfortable, to inconspicuous socks.

Almost every day is different, and that’s what I love most about what I do. Most of the time, I try to do a little creative and tedious work. The morning begins with a conference on design or development of some kind – here I am involved in a bar and MML event that is due to open in March as well as the idea for a hotel in Aspen. Afterwards, I go to the store to work with my team. We also review financial needs, promotions, upcoming photographs, event bookings, and over the course of a year, take the time to meet with vendors and vendors. In the evening, I try to take the time to get into Quickbooks, a financial plan, and get an email. I like to shop in the afternoon and evening to see customers and chat with friends who just pass by.

The evening is spent cooking at home and relaxing with Larry. Or, if he is in the middle of a restaurant open, I have to stay at a restaurant with my friends for the tenth night in a row. I like the fluctuations between extremes — there are usually between.

What do you drink and eat in the morning?

Coffee or lemon, but mostly lemons. I swear I’m the only adult who orders lemons on Swedish Hill this morning. I am not a person who eats breakfast, but if I am hungry, I walk around in my panties to find nuts or beef. I know, I have a habit of breakfast …

What are your three favorite items on the table?

I love the hidden beauty of Tracie Hervy candles and Carriere Freres candles. Heather Rosenman of LA also makes these beautiful pots. It is a masterpiece inspired by the ancient Cycladic people. I am fascinated by the body of its fragments; I find a magnet.

What do you need to have for cooking?

The cutter is a sharp knife. It can be simultaneous and beautiful.

Your favorite recipe?

River Café London, Thirty Years of Recipes kope. The recipes are inspired and simple, and the cookbook is a love letter to the restaurant that Ruth Rogers and her now deceased friend, Rose Gray, tied together. It is the history of their memories, their achievements, and their joys. Every time I read Ruth’s letter in the introduction, I can sense her deep feelings for her beloved friend and friend, as well as for the wonderful journey she has begun. It is a matter of friendship and travel.

What should we always find in your fridge?

Arugula, Parmesan, Azitona

What scares you about entertainment and why?

I have always been free to entertain. I was born into a big, poor, confusing family. My parents are all very happy – my mom comes from a Texas donkey family and my dad, from a big, noisy European family. Growing up in this turbulent environment, I was accustomed to indulging in casual entertainment. I grew up making them charcuterie boards or participating in their parties. It has sounded natural.

Your signature drink or group plates?

Cooked Tomato Fish With Chilean Oil and Herbs

What is the point for someone who wants to hold a meeting on a budget?

Keep things simple and beautiful. The ambiance is more important than the material. Lighting is very important. Candles, good music, a bottle of good wine.

Do you like conversation?

“If you did not know me, what would you think I should do?” A friend of mine recently told me that she would think I was working for Zumiez.

The to-do list for the evening party includes:


Middle answer:

A burlap runner with a variety of cut flowers. I love the natural, tonal centerpiece – which incorporates close-up elements.

What is your stress-free rule?

The more relaxed the host, the more relaxed the guests will be.

Dream guests?

  • Sally Mann
  • Robyn Davidson
  • Jane Jacobs

Proper nutrition should…

… Always start at the back.

It’s not a party without…

… Other qualities.

Every recipient should know how to do it…

… Make the person feel comfortable.

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