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Anastasia Casey Modern Holiday Decorations Not Political and Natural

It’s the most magical time of the year, and in addition to making gingerbread man cakes and putting items on our winter bucket list, we are excited to climb the Christmas tree and fill our homes with joy. And while we love traditions, we also like to change things and take ourselves into the season. For this reason, this year, we are following in the footsteps of Anastasia Casey — founder of The Identitè Collective and IDCO Studio — a state-of-the-art holiday decorating system that jumps to the brink of a neutral and natural theme.

The goal was simple, non-political, and natural, so Casey added his monochromatic beauty, layout and form and green vacation to revive the forest from modern mythology. As soon as they completed the complete renovation last year, they couldn’t wait to decorate the new vacation spot. “Holidays for me are thankful for the amount of time we spend all year, so I like to keep things natural when I decorate,” she shares. “I tried to focus more on the ideas that seemed appropriate for the ongoing epidemic: stability, simplicity, easy security, and efficiency.”

What we love most? Beautiful velvet dress that looks great. Instead, Casey says this was the beginning of his holiday decorations and recommended all the paint in the house. In order to feel happy but not curious, she chose to block different colors and shapes. After finding beehive candles, Casey drew encouragement from their gold color and played with a ribbon. “Although it is small, the color barrier creates an important moment,” he says. We did not agree much.

Take a look at Casey’s modern holiday decorating tips, then buy the look:

Tell us more about this type of tablet.

Each holiday season, I pick a different color and carry it around the house. I like to let green be the starting point, so I usually choose two or three monochromatic colors to match it. I went with a solid bronze color and a shiny marigold. They share the same words and support each other while differentiating themselves to make them feel special. Only three velvet ribbon boats were enough to decorate my entire home.

The green is beautiful. Tell us about it. Any repair tips?

All of the greenery came from Lulu & Georgia. Because I was going naturally everything our wreaths and wreaths, I immediately soaked them in the bathtub all night. This gives your living pages one good last drink after their visit and is ready for an extra week or two on your walls. When the greens are hung, I apply them with sweet water once or twice a week. We’ve had the hottest fall season so far in Austin, so I’ve been spraying my leaves every day.

What is the best way to get rid of clutter you do not have?
I always look at the colors “slightly”. Broken seeds, dusty heathers, deep cobalt – a warning to make it a holiday and use ribs of satin or velvet and jump glitter.

Placing candles on top of the green is a good idea. Any advice on this?

Safety has always been very important when decorating on vacation, so making sure candles are stable was essential. Instead of using traditional wreaths, I simply cut the olive branches off and placed them around the candles to cover the bottom of the garment.

What is the best way to change the look of this outfit? Any tricks that people can steal?

Find as many different candles as you can, then buy an extra 20%. The best way to recreate this shape is to put candles together very close together and leave a small space between them. It makes for a dramatic change and a kitschy down-to-earth feel. When it comes to stocking stocks, a few are even more! Simple velvet ribbons loosely crafted in monochromatic colors elevate all shapes.

What kind of greenery works best for the look of this dress and you were inspired by the design by choosing it?

This look works everywhere with any green you can find. Throughout the season, I cut new branches in my yard and change them every two weeks to make the garment fresh and green. These branches are olive groves, a traditional symbol of peace, which I found locally from an olive grove in the mountains. After choosing my paint, I used my Samsung Frame TV to find similar designs. This is a Rembrandt from Samsung Art Store. I love this TV because I have the opportunity to access the archives from the world’s top archives, which makes the transition to the season easier.

We really like some of the natural materials you used for decorating, can you add to that?

This year, I decided to focus especially on natural wreaths and garland for my holiday decorations and I love how they make house aromas, especially when you use unexpected greenery such as bay leaves, olive branches, or eucalyptus garland. In the kitchen, I love decorating with this season’s produce: bowls of persimmons, pomegranates wrapped in open shelves and small rosemary trees on the counter that I cook all winter.

Any advice for people who do not have a big budget budget?

Yes, use what you have! Use the things you already have around your house, in a new way. All vacations are shiny, so keep your brass or chrome trim in your home in a safe place. Metal lamps, sculptures, or glittering storage boxes create enough light to scatter in the room.

We love the way you incorporate art into your space. Tell us about mixing it up on vacation.

From the old developed areas to budget-friendly printers, changing your artwork to other seasonal items is a creative way of making things that only make things stand out. I have a snowmobile that my grandmother painted that I hung on our living room that immediately illuminated the whole area. Putting small printers in metal frames on your bookshelves is a perpetual deception that brings little fun.

We love how simple holiday decorating is, and how relevant it is to the place. Was that deliberate?
If there is one thing I have learned in the last 18 months or so, then simplicity is a high priority. Every moment in your day has a special opportunity, and sometimes you have to spend a lot to get it. I recommend decorating in sections if decorating your home is a risky weekend. A small cabin hanging next to the bed is the bedroom you may need to have fun. A clear crystal light can be all that the tree needs right now, and you can add decorations as a family in a few weeks. Enjoy every moment it comes and appreciate the beauty in simplicity.

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