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Caroline’s Relationship Story | Cup of Jo

Caroline Donofrio's Engagement Story

Caroline Donofrio's Engagement Story

As soon as I got married, something started to happen …

Everyone wanted to know “the story.”

The Engagement Story ™ is a myth of some kind. It can include anything, from Jumbotron, a group of glittering people to well-arranged flowers. Sometimes there is a strange thing, when friends or relatives are able to take action. Sometimes, it’s a quiet story, something between two people in a place that has meaning to them.

Dating has long been a fascinating experience. In the past, I’ve written about how I feel when it seems like everyone is promising the team except me. Nowadays, there is more hope to be put into the story of PR, well-kept on TV. You share your romance not just by word of mouth, but by cell phone, often with a bright (or five) picture.

Every time someone asks about it, I’m not sure what to say. I am a writer; no one appreciates the story more than I do. But our engagement story does not fit into a good box. What will justify it? Where does it start?

For one thing, I was not surprised.

Marriage was a subject that we had discussed for some time. As one friend wrote on the card, “We’ve been waiting for this for a while.” According to another friend, “How long did the f *** take?” We arrived at the table with the goods, and it took a minute to release. Although we never had any doubts about our relationship, we had much to talk about in the future, the details of the marriage arrangement, and the countless questions that we could not answer without a fist.

Last summer, we solved the final problem, and we finally overcame any worries. One day when I was sitting in my chair, my girlfriend turned to me and said: “I’m ready. Like a furnace that reached just 450 degrees.
“What are you ready for?” I did.
“To get married! I think we should. ”
“All right!” I replied.
We were, I think, if we got married.

I felt good taking this big step together. In the weeks that followed, we began sharing the news with others. We were so happy! So, naturally, we expected others to be. But as soon as I told everyone about our plans, their eyes immediately turned to my left hand.

“Where is the ring?” he asked frankly.
“What day is it?”
“Shouldn’t he, like, ask you?”

To me, our conversation was like a commitment. (We are a lowly people – a gang can take us back to our house, never to come out again.) But people kept asking.

And then one night, we were on our way to dinner when I saw my friend do something weird. He was carrying a sweater in front of him, like a bride carrying a washbasin.

“It was in my hands,” he protested later, as I shared this part of the story with him.
This is not the case.
“Well, I think I’ve moved around!” He says. “I was about to quit sometime.”

After we ate, we sat on a bench near the water, two bright stars from NYC shining above. Then he became silent. Like, very quiet. (“I was scared!” He recalls. (The Frog Prince box found by my friend’s mother as a rare idea last year. I saw it coming to the mail, but I didn’t know what it was. And now, this was it! Its glory.) Inside the frog was a ring. the ring now rests on my finger.

“You are doomed! everyone said.

For years, I was obsessed with what I called a “two-headed jewelry” – like a lovely buffalo with two heads, well-defined rings. Everyone I know has taken this photo by announcing their relationship. (Hell, now I’ve done it.) I’ve been happy for them all. But I still remember feeling unmarried, just looking at the picture. For this reason, I was quick to share on traditional platforms. Some items are not summarized in an explanatory note. And often there is more to it than meets the eye.

Whatever our marriage may be, we are happy to share it together. We love the idea of ​​a dog wearing a little dress – I’m lucky I found someone with this – and gathering friends and relatives in some way. No matter what we do, I know it will sound like us.

Our experience in dating has always confirmed my beliefs, and when it comes to personal matters, everyone should do what is best for them. It’s your story to write the way you want.

Dating Story

PS Lots of sweet stories and how to know if your partner is then.

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