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Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

Jo, a school counselor in Vancouver, recalls: “Last year, while in prison, I borrowed a sewing machine. As part of Instagram’s slow-moving social network, she has learned that she can create the outfits she wants to wear. “Sewing has been a great help as a mother. Although I had just given birth to my second child, I was able to sew 15 minutes at bedtime; and after a while, you would put on this beautiful dress. ” Here, Jo shares five styles that he always wears…

Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

Clothing: Sewed by Jo, using Birgitta Helmersson zero waste. Shoes: Nisolo. Crossbody Bag: Tree Fairfax, previously purchased. Jean jacket: man.

“My husband said, ‘Oh, sir, my son, I am proud of you, even though I do not understand this dress.’ I laughed out loud. I was like, I don’t care what you think! Small fashions are made of bag. When I sit in this dress, it is TENT, and I feel good. The wallet is Tree Fairfax, an amazing Black artist. If I buy something, I want to help someone in the BIPOC group, especially black women. ”

Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

Sweater: Kordal, previously purchased. practical pants: Beaton Linen. Shoes: Nisolo. Bag: Glasnost.

“Most of my clothes are old. On Instagram, Noihsaf Bazaar also sells regularly, and SellTradeSlowFashion is amazing. “

Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

“We are not comfortable talking about money in our culture. But here’s the thing: When I save money, I become smarter. I have a book to write, This year, I will buy that. A good example is this bag. For two years I asked my mother-in-law and my husband for a gift card for my birthday, and I finally did. Now I wear it every day. Also, I deposit my money in my bank account, and each month I deposit some extra money. Sometimes when I speak to a bank teller, he would say, ‘Well, you have 20 different accounts!’ It could be a raincoat I keep, or a bag for my son’s education, or a family vacation bucket. “

Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

Dress: Handmade by Jo, using the Wiksten pattern (“its shape is clear and clear”). Cardigan: Babaà, already purchased. Tape: Fu Ceramics. Shoes: Sandgrens.

“This is my school uniform. I always hope young people know that everything they hear is right. I’m starting to cry! People say, how do you deal with young people? And I’m like, oh my god, they’re so good. Just respect them and understand that maybe the ugly outside comes from a legitimate place. Growing up, his experience is more powerful than ever. Remember what it was like to be 14 or 15? This was the biggest disappointment for love and friendship, the biggest emotion in your life, and not that teenagers are stupid, it’s because that’s what’s going on in their brain. “

Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

“My dear friend Salina Fu made this beautiful necklace. His mother named him Lo Lo Tong, which in Chinese means “You Can Do Nothing.” Most of the time, my new friends are the people I meet online. Motherhood can be really lonely. But on Instagram, when you find the right people, you can all agree that parenting is 90% hard (Groundhog Day for the baby to sleep!) But 10% more.

Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

Sweater: 7115 Szeki. pants: Beaton Linen. Toque: Pollen Clothes. Socks: Hansel from Basel. Shoes: Vans. Thumba: Baggu.

“For a while, late, someone was writing — black, thin, white — and I didn’t look like that. I felt like a hypocrite. But then an Asian-American woman sent a message to about 15 Asian-American or Asian-Canadian women calling them ‘Internet Sisters.’ We were taught in our culture not to take the place, but now we were saying, ‘I like to share what you wear, would you continue to do that to keep me going?’ The group has been responsible for my great trust. If you are growing up and want to be a wakefield twin… I would say it was a very important time as a person. It’s funny to think that a group of people I’ve never met really changed me. We DM ask if, We have such a flat nose, does anyone have an idea of ​​permanent glass? Or, Here is what is happening with the anti-Asian-American violence or How can we help black people? We go through interesting and important things. Let’s get rid of the oppression AND talk about the past. ”

Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

“My Baggu bag makes me very proud of my clothes – they are cheap and fun and they have excellent printing.”

Clothing Week: Jo from Vancouver

Dress: Two Days of Rest. Rings: Art. Shoes: Rachel Comey, already purchased.

“He always told me that yellow people should not wear yellow. But in the last few years, I want to repeat this. What a wonderful race! I remember Constance Wu of Crazy Rich Asians wearing a yellow at the first show because she wanted to give back. The dress gave me a free gift with Two Days Off – she’s a weather expert five days a week, but she’s interested in making beautiful dead clothes, which would never be used. ”

Thank you so much, Jo! You can follow her on Instagram, if you want.

PS Many women share their clothing weeks, including dietitian, nutritionist and professor of architecture.

(Photo by Jo.)

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