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Comments from Readers 12 on Relationships

always be my movie either

For years, Cup of Jo readers shared gold in the form of their relationship fears, hopes and dreams. Here are 12 good relationships tips…


“Admitting it is a wonderful experience. I’ll never forget that guy (one night standing in another city) who kindly said, ‘Just tell me if you want to quit anytime soon.’” – Katie

“Black-legged women wearing shorts and white shoes kill me. I also suck on the high point that is made by a pen or when my wife bites her lips while watching. ” – Rozie


“I’m 27, and it’s true that sometimes dating is fun and sometimes not. Middle-aged co-workers love to love my dating life, but there are many unwritten rules about texting, social networking, calling, etc. It’s silly and weird and miserable and magical at the same time (if you have any, let’s be friends). But I always remind myself that my person, no matter where he is, is important. ” – Meagan

“I’m 31 years old, single and married. I have always dreamed of being with my partner, but in the end I realized that there was nothing more lonely than the 20 years I spent lying around the person who offended me. I really love being with my company, and I will be and living this year and taking myself to the days, trips and events I expect to do with ‘that’. I am mine. ” -AE

On relationship planning:

“It’s not right to have doubts when you start dating. Perhaps you, like me, are suspicious of people who are not your friends. I would go for days and count the minutes until I finally went to hang out with real friends. I didn’t finish until I told myself that it was not good for me not to have fun the first time I met interesting people. If I had in the first place judged my husband in terms of my friends’ standards, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with him. ” – Sam

“Once I read that the things you once enjoyed from your spouse are the things that make you happy for years in a relationship; the best advice is to choose to continue to get good habits. My husband has 10 jokes that he returns with everyone, from the pilots to the grocers. Four years later, I began to see myself and started looking into my eyes. But then I remembered that she was beautiful and funny. I always choose to love her magic. “- Madylyn

In combination:

“I like it when people try to say ‘friend’ instead of ‘boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse,’ and so on. in a way that they consider to be a natural part of conversation and not just a metaphor. ” – Jess

“What people don’t tell you when you first come out is that it’s not just one thing. You have to keep doing this over and over, with every new friend, landlord, job, pet care organization, and so on. I have found that it is better to be as simple as I can be, so when I go to my new job with my boss. asking if I would be on a company picnic, I said casually (in panic inside), ‘Yeah, I’m bringing my girlfriend and we’re having fun!’ When a new friend asks if he can come for spaghetti and Scrabble, I say (with a deep sigh), ‘True! I can’t wait to introduce you to my friend! ‘ The world is dangerous but I love myself and my partner and the life we ​​are building together to overcome fear. “- Gill

In the family:

“I went through a traumatic period in my life, which caused me to feel worthless, to lose my temper and to lose my temper. This book is published AS WE SPEAK. It’s a lot of fun and it wouldn’t have happened if I were still dating. If that is not the way it is, then it is a bad thing to do… ”- Tihana

“When you divorce, you are a failure. You have managed to discover that this is not your person. You have successfully taught your children not to have anyone or any place that makes you unhappy. You have done well to show how a healthy, well-balanced person looks in and out of relationships. Well done to show them that they trust their guts because they know when to leave. You did not fail. —Caroline

For long-term love:

“My best advice is, when you’re together, relax. When my husband and I started dating, I worked long and hard in my professional career. He hated his job. We were all broken. The outside world was hard. But when we were just two, it was easy. We loved showing free movies and I made dinner using ingredients. We’ve been married for ten years now, and she is still my partner in everything. ” – Quinn

“I have been with my spouse for 16 years, but our ‘status’ has changed dramatically, month after month, year after year. Some weeks we are asleep. Sometimes new lovers. Often, only good friends have the opportunity to be together. A few weeks ago, I also read Captain Corelli’s Mandolin article: ‘Love and the madness are temporary, they explode like mountains and then disappear. And when it does, you have to make a decision. You need to know if your roots are connected so much that it is impossible to separate them. Because this is what love is. Love does not rest, does not rejoice, does not announce the promises of eternal desire. That’s just living in love, which any fool would do. It’s the kind of thing that can happen when love ends, and that’s when you feel good about being different. ‘”- Ashley

What is your attitude toward relationships today?

PS Nine readers comment on romance is a funny thing that happens in relationships.

(Image from the film Always Be My Maybe.)

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