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Decorate the Branches — How to Replace Them With Your Locusts

A spirit of isolation is real and the results of living within a few months have fueled a deep desire for all of us to reconnect with nature. Perhaps that is why most of us love to find and beautify a home right now. And even though the recent closure makes it harder for us to get out, there is an easy way we can bring it out: decorative branches.

If there is one person who has taken this as a well-known tradition and design, Athena Calderone of EyeSwoon. The multi-colored design is known for its decorative branches, cutting down large trees outside its house and repairing them in antique furniture (another feature we see on the whole Instagram led by Calderone!).

“I love to bring it out and I always want to do something seasonal and natural in my home,” explains Athena. “I also like the sculptures and the irregular shape of the branches in the clearing. I like that they give verticality.” We did not agree much.

Therefore, who can ask for advice on how to make decorative branches in pots at home than Calderone alone. Read her tips on what to consider when cutting, fixing and repairing your own.

Three Things to Consider kale Cutting New Branches…

Shake them in order to remove the opponents. That said, you need to embrace what you can.

Use sharp edges. It may seem simple but investing in secateurs or shear gardeners is important when cutting branches on this scale. The kitchen sinks are not cheap.

Make sure the branch is free of toxins, especially for animals. This said that my husband had exploded in a hive once all over his body and we found out that a few weeks later it was from our Sumac branches!

Choose a Branch…

It could be anything, frankly, but looking at the movement and sculptural branches. Less often becomes more. Also, know that the tree is alive so just get what you want.

Add H20 Then Dry…

I always add water at first but I usually let it dry to see if it gives more or a different dry once beauty.

Choose Your Vessel…

Find a large and heavy object to hold its weight. If you like the shape of the vintage ship, Etsy has a lot but there are also cheaper options online.

And Don’t Forget That…

Hold the bottom of the branch with a hammer. Obviously, it helps the branch absorb more water and prolong life.

To learn more about Athena’s tips go to and start making your own home with our favorite pots, decorative branches (or outdoor pruning!), And garden tools below…




This was first published on December 4, 2020, and has been revised.

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