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Easy Cookies Without Gluten Peppermint Brownie

Ana Ankeny

Think of this delicious recipe as a mashup between cookie and brownie, making these a holiday party that everyone can request! Add Gluten-Free Peppermint Brownie Easy Cookies to your holiday plan today. With crisp outside and a soft brownie inside, plus peppermint sticks, this holiday cake is one you can look forward to making every year.

A bunch of brownie cookies with melted peppermint candy tied together with red and white string.

Peppermint chocolate cookies on holiday

When it comes to holiday cakes, some are old-fashioned and some are made for fun. These Peppermint Chocolate Cookies fall into this category! For each bite, you will have a soft and shiny taste that sounds like a slight murmur on the edge. And, of course, the delicious combination of peppermint-chocolate makes these cookies look delicious and delicious!

Peppermint brownie Christmas cookies placed on a white counter

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Gluten-free Peppermint brownie cookies

Gather these ingredients, combine the dish with a whisk, and let’s start cooking!

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