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Eating Right During Holidays and New Year’s

Learn our best tips on how to properly store your food during the holidays and beyond this year.

Holidays are often a time of testing, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Our activities often change over time because of events, travel, and vacation time. In addition, for many people, this involves more social interactions than they do every week.

Changes in systems and processes often reflect changes in diet and choices. There may be more sweets than you are used to, more often than not, and more opportunities to eat. While holidays may be a good time to celebrate and spend time with loved ones, it is understandable that this can be a time of great upheaval.

By learning how to make your vacation easier, you can spend more time focusing on fun and excitement, as well as less time on stress and food guilt. Keep reading to learn my top 5 tips on how to keep a healthy diet on vacation.

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Holidays

There are many retail outlets that can tell you how to plan for a “meal” on vacation, and a “remake” for the new year. But why wait until the holidays are over? Shouldn’t you put your health first? And to solve the problem of guilt that you are used to facing?

Well, I certainly think you do. So let’s discuss exactly how you can set yourself and your health to start eating right during the holidays.

1. Set a Goal You and Your Activity

We are ordinary creatures. That is, we often work on auto-pilots when we are in a well-known place. If you have a history of feeling overwhelmed by eating at holiday events, or just looking and eating unintentionally in the past, chances are that, if we do not intervene, history should repeat itself.

As you approach your vacation events and parties, think about what you would like to experience. Think about your desire to be present, what you would like to do, and how you would like to feel later.

This may include enjoying some socializing with others, trying to appreciate all the good, traditional, and delicious foods you find. Or it may simply mean thanking you for taking the time to relax and get better during the holidays!

Whatever it may seem to you, scan it. Think about what you want to happen and how you would like to hear it. Also, how to make this happen. Setting goals is a powerful tool to ensure you eat properly during the holidays.

2. Try to Eat Carefully

Eating unhealthy eating is one of the diseases I hear from the Nutrition Stripped team during the holidays. With so much going on, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of eating and drinking without realizing it.

In the meantime, focus on the foods you can follow while on vacation. Perhaps this means that you are really looking at your hunger and satisfaction when you are at a holiday party, or when you are at home buying some of your holiday favorites from your local bakery or grocery store.

Perhaps this means that you have to stop and think about your stress and emotions to make sure you are talking in a kind and open manner so that you do not try to put up with the illicit eating unintentionally.

You can also set dietary goals! It is very common for people to feel compelled to eat things because they are easy to find during the holidays (for example, old sugar cookies in the living room).

If this is what you have struggled with in the past, make it your goal to think for yourself. Ask yourself, ‘What kind of food do I expect to enjoy this season? Or at the ceremony? But what are some of the things I often do not like and what I do not want to have? “.

Taking a deep breath and preparing to become a well-meaning thinker can make you do better.

3. Communicate Your Needs To Encourage Proper Eating on Holidays

Communication is very important in many aspects of a healthy relationship with food. On vacation, it is no different. We are all unique in many ways, so to eat right in a way that benefits us individually, it is important to communicate our needs when necessary.

You may want to get an idea of ​​what is offered at the holiday party you are attending, so that you can contact the recipient for an immediate hearing. Or you may have a keen interest in food, so you let the recipient know that you are bringing food to ensure that you have something to eat. Or finally, perhaps your friend or relative really they want you to try their plate but it is not something you would want to have. It is good to talk to them kindly and honestly that it looks so sweet! But it is better to go with what you have right now.

Connect with others to reduce stress on your questions, thoughts, and concerns.

4. Make a smooth, smooth plate, or plate

No matter what time of year it is, a good dish is always good to help you eat properly. A good bowl allows you to feel full, satisfied and energized after a meal. It ensures that you have given your body everything it needs to function properly so that you can fully live and enjoy the holidays!

So what does this well-organized plate look like? The Foundational Five is my stupid foundation for making a good dish easily. When preparing, building, or selecting foods, simply follow the steps below to see if you can include any of the following components: Food Food Food +

There are several ways you can use this dish to get enough food on vacation. First of all, you can use it daily for food whether you are going on vacation or not. In this way, you have tried hard and you are confident.

Again, you can use it on a holiday or a gathering. We don’t want to “save” or fast for the holidays or skip breakfast. Instead, follow what you do and eat right outside of the event. That way, when you get there, you will be happy and hungry for the food, but you will not feel hungry and you will not feel thirsty.

For example, combining a healthy breakfast like a smoothie is an easy, delicious, and healthy way to feed yourself.

Try this quick smoothie method:

For a high speed blender, add the following ingredients and mix until smooth:

  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 cup of cold fruit like raspberries or strawberry (or if you have a dragon, this creates a beautiful color for celebration!)
  • 2 teaspoons
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons flaxseed powder
  • 1 tablespoon of Amazing Grass Greens Blend
  • 1 tablespoon of Amazing Grass Organic Plant Protein Blend vanilla flavor

We love Amazing Grass stuff for many reasons. This is why we have been making their stuff for years! They have the highest quality ingredients, the best flavors, and their ingredients are varied.

The Greens Blend is a simple and easy way to get 2 fruits and vegetables for your day along with 7 healthy leaves, as well as C&K vitamins in just one cup. In addition, their Organic Plant Protein Blend is ideal for all those who use protein powder or who want to promote plant-based protein in any smoothie. It is gluten-free and plant-based, plus one cup alone provides 20g of protein, which is the amount of protein we recommend here at Nutrition Stripped for the average person on any diet.

Finally, keep the Five Principles in mind when you are at a party or ceremony. Whether it’s at a restaurant, potluck, or buffet, run through this list and see what you can do! Will it be perfect? Probably not, and this is to be expected. It is a starting point for you to work with, not a fixed dietary law should to follow.

5. Remember to Enjoy Yourself

When we talk about healthy eating, we need to talk about healthy eating and having fun.

People can often be found in one camp or another, especially on vacation. Where they only think about enjoying instant gratification, or trying to “be good” and avoiding junk food by trying to focus on food alone.

These thoughts and food can cause everything or nothing, to start and stop. Over time, this can lead to eating disorders, food allergies, depression and depression. Nothing combines well!

So to avoid this, start with a balanced approach to your diet. Prioritize and combine the delicious foods you love, because you love them. Prioritize and include nutritious foods that make you feel good and strengthen your body. That way, you stay in control from the inside out.

Are You Stressed Out With Food?

The tips in this article are a good place to start if you are experiencing food stress during the holidays. But with that being said, it is important to get rid of food stress and keep it as healthy as possible throughout the year!

If this is something you are struggling with, sign up to check out my free class today, where you can learn about the # 1 Habit That Makes You Struggle With Your Weight and Your Relationship With Food – And How To Change Your Eating and Eating Diet From Now On.

You no longer need to be stressed and obsessed with food. There is a better way, and yes it is possible to develop a good relationship with food! Join this free dining class to learn how.

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This is a supported message and we are proud to partner with Amazing Grass, the brand we use and design. All ideas are ours.

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