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Enter Inside Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Guest Guest Bathroom Makeover

Few moderns in the search for inspiration for home design are probably familiar with Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Instagram. The designer and inspector page has some interesting pictures that appear online at home decor. Samuel’s appearance may have seemed simple at first, but the intricate design of his colors and the texture of his material makes for a truly unique character. And while the designer often adheres to soft, natural colors, Samuel has just launched a boldly refurbished guest bathroom in his Michigan home that makes him look great in Paris.

Aim: a guest bathroom that can take guests to a boutique hotel, a plan that also made Samuel a little happier. We are talking about a clear boardboard area with Champagne bronze finishes (warm, but not too blingy). Not to be outdone, however, is a large Allied Maker sconce surrounded by marble – even a standing tube would not compete.

The project also gave Samuel the opportunity to include his own line of doors and cabinets with Semihandmade. They make doors for IKEA cabinets and are what make you love the kitchen on Pinterest (the company has worked in the past with Karlie Kloss, Emily Henderson, Athena Calderone, and Justina Blakeney).

We spoke to Samuel about his design, the inspirations he chose boldly, and the advice for those who want to clean toilets who want to make their space fun, but not boring.

You say you want a guest bathroom with a boutique hotel. Are there any places you have been encouraged?

Sarah Sherman Samuel: I was inspired by my travels to Paris – about specials in the Parisian cafe and the classic cartoon checkerboard pattern.

The oversized Allied Maker sconce is amazing. Do you have a hobby?

The touch of wood from the sconce is very beautiful, and the surrounding stone accents make for a place I love the most.

What are some of the things you always make sure the guest bathroom has guest guests?

I like to leave a filter of water filtered with drinking glasses, freshly laundered towels, and salt for bathing.

I love how brave the race is. For those who want to try something neutral, can you recommend a guest house?

I wanted to highlight the Desert Gray color from my Semihandmade band (it was my first time using my Quarterline collections), and I made it into paint and applied it to the ceiling, door, and trim to go. real courage. It is a guest room – since it is not a room you use every day – you go boldly and enjoy the design.

Any words wise for those trying to have a little fun with their guest bathroom?

Build around the central area of ​​a fun but not boring room.

Describe the beauty of the room in three simple words: Courageous, thoughtful, fun.

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