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Few Things I Have To Go On My Journey

There’s not much I like like going out in nature and being busy, and, even though the last (* finger count *) 20 months or more has been very difficult, one silver line is that the epidemic has brought so many. of us we spend more time outdoors than ever before.

From weekends to cruises to the highest peaks, I have been making good use of the fresh air that Ma Nature offers – as well as the Arizona cruises planned for December, I don’t want to stop. But, when I talk to my friends about these fun trips, I realize that we don’t just exchange tips and tricks for where to go and what to do – we also talk a lot about all our tools. What did we wear? What did we use? What could we buy more often?

And so, I thought it was time to make a little stuff full of my favorite, outdoor tools and good stuff. Remember, this is not a list of all freebies (though, if you are planning to go back and look at the list, I find She Dreams of Alpine to be an amazing tool). These are the things I have used and loved on various trips (day and night, kayaking and hiking) that can help you achieve what you get.

IBEX Women’s Merino Tencel Pocket Short Sleeve Tee ($ 85)

Interestingly, if you did not know: Merino fur is a natural antimicrobial (making it odorless), which is why you will see it is often used on fleece garments that can be worn for several days at a time. I tried on a silky soft coat for a few interesting days in Colorado last summer, and I can confirm that it works. You may remember that I sweat a lot, but every time these shirts dry out, they look (smell) if I don’t wear them.

Long-Lasting Long-Term Fishing Sheet ($ 64)

Well, a complete revelation – I didn’t wear this fishing hoodie. Most of the time, because I don’t really fish. Instead, I placed it on top of the aforementioned Ibex tent to get a little sun protection on a high-speed trip from Crested Butte to Aspen via the Maroon Bells, and, since the trail was a little less secure, I was very happy to roll over. long arms on the floor and covering my hands as the sun rose. Plus, let’s be real – its color is beautiful and it looks beautiful! I also appreciate that it takes a very small amount of room when packed, so it’s an easy way to have it, even if you don’t want to wear it right away.

Chapter Nine Clamberista Trousers and Shorts ($ 89)

walking pants

Of course, I was already Title Nine fans copying some of their outfits, not to mention it’s the company women who go out of their way to help other women. But even if I did not have them, these pants would turn me into one. It does not do abrasion with complete stretching, is easy to extinguish on the anus when you want to shorten it or wear it like a runner, and, most of all, there are plenty of well-placed bags! They come as shorts, too, which are ideal for mid-summer kayak or SUP outings.

Branwyn Essential Bikini ($ 34)


Remember what I said about Merino fur? Branwyn uses it to make lingerie which, in their words, makes you “unlucky and unattractive all day long regardless of your journey.” Add to that the bikini-type undie that dries quickly, has a slim waist, and offers a perfect fit, and you can trust me when I say you just don’t want to wear this on big trips. !

engine Women’s Liner + Crew ($ 29)

riding socks

And, you know, it’s very Merino! And before you ask why I think socks are worth $ 29, listen to me. I wore a pair of regular socks with the Aspen climbing system I mentioned above, paired with newer high heels than usual, and ended up on a very long day, full of zero blisters. A few days later, I put on the same pair of shoes on a short trip, very low and some nice fur socks and had blisters of half a dollar size on both feet. It was bad. If you have walked regularly, you know that your feet are the most important factor in keeping you comfortable. Considering that you can wear it for a few days if necessary before washing, then, suddenly finding feathers for less than $ 30 seems like a good job, yeah?

BUY Strong Women Gore-Tex ($ 220)

Walking shoes

Looking for a sturdy, practical walking shoe that can keep your feet comfortable and dry? Nazi. This offers a lot of lightweight cushions, and the attraction of the Vibram Megagrip is very interesting – which is especially important for people like me who don’t really know the technicalities. I’ve been through a number of rivers and have never had a problem with my wet feet, and the moisturizing machine makes it easy to adjust for comfort. I would say that these are shoes that I ended up breaking with my high heels, but I also admit that they were not as broken as they would have been before I released them, so they are still 100 percent on my change.

Siyani Patch Mid Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boot ($ 160)

walking shoes

Maybe you’re in a traveling market that doesn’t look good with your street clothes, and trust me, I find it. Carrying too many shoes on the trip is painful! Forsake was a new genre for me, but I was impressed by their Peak-to-Pavement ideas that combined seasonal security with flexible styles – and their non-political neutrality were enough to seal the deal. But basically, it was the weekend wearables in New England, looking at the walks and small coastal towns, which lit my fire. They were comfortable, had a lot of appeal, and looked great with leggings, jeans, and slacks. (Hey, it’s worth it!)

Mammut Albula HS Jacket ($ 119)

I know I said that keeping your feet free is the most important thing – and it is true! – but if your whole body is wet and cold, you may not care about how good your teeth are, which makes having a raincoat a necessity. The durable fabric (100 percent recycled!) Jacket with hood is very lightweight, carries small, and comes in fun, bright colors. While it was helpful when Colorado decided to bring us a hurricane, it was also a surprise all summer here in Florida due to the afternoon rain storm.

Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket ($ 250)

snow coat

Almost every travel list I’ve found promotes clothing or a hoodie, and honestly I don’t know if you can find a better way than this. Available in the best color groups, Fuego is lightweight, waterproof (as I learned when caught in a nor’easter south of Maine), well-made and well-kept, and packed in a pocket. (Bonus: there are SUPPORT for good bags for all your stuff!) The perfect fit is placed on top with a scuba hood, elastic straps, adjustable strap on the edge. It’s my new travel jacket, because, look, this Floridian doesn’t care about the cold. Other than that, I am a big fan of Cotopaxi’s Gear for Good mission, so the more of their equipment I can include in my life, the better.


If you feel that camping is not good, you may need adequate sleep. At least, that’s the lesson I learned when I used the Quasar 3D Sleeping Pad. I was comfortable with the standard, non-insulated color, but can be customized, long, and customized to suit your needs. It comes with its own easy-to-use high-priced bag, and although it’s surprisingly lightweight and very comfortable to carry, you can use it anywhere you want a good bed on the go. I sleep in real beds that are not comfortable! As a result, if the cold, dense terrain prevents you from building a camp, this can be a major turning point.

Best Food ($ 14.25)

camp food

Raise your hand if you have ever embarked on an outdoor trip with the best intentions for making an amazing camping meal, just to get tired, shivering, and eat at a different bar because you just can’t do it. all essential functions for a large meal. Yes, exactly. So, the fact that Good To-Go has so many varieties (risotto, bibimbap, chili, Thai pad, pho, the list goes on) is delicious food that needs nothing more than hot water? OK. There are a selection of vegetables, gluten-free foods, and much more – and they are all handmade in Maine.

Forclaz Trek 100 Easyfit 60L Hiking Backpack ($ 119)

60L wallet

You do not need to be an expert at packing to know if your package is suitable – or not, and unfortunately, this package is not only designed to fit women’s bodies, but is also designed to make adjustments easier. Most importantly – it contains reminders of photos that you need to modify, in order, to fit. I carried this with 30 pounds on a trip to Aspen, and although, naturally, walking on top of the mountains with an extra 30 pounds was not a piece of cake, the package was not difficult. In addition, the locks and zippers made my weapons easier to access.

Cotopaxi Tarak Of The Day ($ 105)


The lesson I’ve learned is that, if your pack has space, you use it. And that means it’s best to stick to a small pack to go for a short walk; that way, you bring your needs, but nothing more. The 20L package has internal hydration pads, adjustable compressor and lash points, loose straps, and an adjustable ice picker, if you have any. Personally, I really like the fact that everyone is made of high quality fabrics that are left over from other major manufacturing companies, which makes everyone look beautiful and gifted. (I told you I dug Cotopaxi!)

Parks Project Forget in Dark Water Bottle ($ 20)

water bottle

Here in Florida, I’m a big fan of a closed water bottle – otherwise, your water can get very hot, very fast. However, I am learning that, on these long trips, every ounce is worthwhile, and warm water is a small price to pay if you can shave a little heavier. (Yes, I know most people in the world have been aware of this for years. I’m a little late coming. I like cold water, okay?) light-in-the-dark, which comes in handy when sharing a tent, you should drink at midnight, and don’t want to wake anyone up using a flashlight to get your water. In addition, the funds provided benefit from the Open for Outdoors Kids Program under the auspices of the National Parks Foundation. Who can win it? (I also have a small cooling cup of camping from the Parks Project, similar to this one, which made my morning coffee a lot more enjoyable.)

Next on my outdoor wish list: some walking sticks, a light triple photography, and a way to deal with my high fears so I can enjoy those amazing ideas. Do you have any instructions? I came because of them! –Kristen

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