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Fifth Doctor Approved Care for Glowy Complexion

There are few signs to indicate that winter has arrived: that time you turn on the heat in your home or reach the blanket to warm up on the sofa, and your coffee turns into a foam, festive latté situation. One beacon that never failed to show the start of the season? That’s right, dry skin. Not just dehydration (that’s a very different thing), but smooth dryness that damages my skin in any light. It is a sign of the weather, but it also serves as an unmistakable reminder that it is time to switch to a winter skin care routine.

The main purpose of any winter skin care regimen is moisture, moisture, and then more moisture to make it fit. But there is a knack for how to arrange in hydrating mixtures. So, I caught an expert, Dr. Lara Devgan, board-certified plastic surgeon and co-founder of Drs. Lara Devgan Scientific Beauty, to explain what to look for (and avoid) as well as a step-by-step guide to help you better plan your skincare plan.

When to Change to Winter Skin Care

Your skin can alert you when you need something different, but the best rule of thumb is to correct it when you are cold. “As soon as you feel the dryness of the air, start adding extra extras to your routine,” says Dr. Devgan. Cold air carries less moisture than the humidity, so the skin needs a little moisture to keep things moving.

Essential Essentials During Winter Skin Care

Although summer is a light source, cold temperatures require additional nutrients to block moisture and protect the skin.

  • Hyaluronic Acid. Dr. Devgan added: “It makes the skin more collagen thicker when it blocks moisture.”
  • Niacinamide. One of the two main types of vitamin B3, a heroic compound reduces inflammation, promotes collagen formation, and helps to create a healthy skin barrier to keep your skin bright even in extreme heat.
  • Ceramides. Ceramide and lipids help to form our natural barrier. Putting the item back on the scalp with a moisturizer can make all the difference for those suffering from dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis.
  • Follow the cream. Think of the switch you are going to have for a meltdown or a sweetener. Your moisturizer can also be used to lift a heavy cream.
  • On the other hand, consider reducing AHA and BHA. “It’s an incredible ingredient, but it tends to dry out the skin and make it more sensitive,” said Drs. Devgan shares.

The Best Way to Care for Winter Skin

To help you improve your routine, Drs. Devgan is showing off some of his best-selling items — and I share my experimental and authentic preferences to add to your fifth list.

Start with a vacuum cleaner that puts moisture first…

Next, serum hyaluronic acid….

Follow this with an antioxidant serum...

If you are using your routine at night, the next step is retinol to promote cell turnover.

A hard moisturizer is essential …

Do not forget the neck…

Any effective anti-aging, skin-friendly winter treat should also be eye-catching …

Even in winter, store things in the morning with a strong SPF …

Well, let your makeup double as sun protection...

And finally, a skin care step that works when you sleep.

And as a special fifth bonus…

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