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Figure 19 Major Descriptions 2021

The turmoil of the past two years has affected and changed the way we live in our homes (along with everything else.) Although at first it seemed romantic, it is no surprise to me that in the early 20th century I rented a 15-square-meter. house in Paris. Today, much of our life has been reduced in our homes. With back-to-office days being pushed back (with the promise of a seemingly insignificant return), the bedrooms where you may have been guests have now become home offices. And with home entertainment, the kitchen is the foundation of our space. It is therefore not surprising that the 2021 magnificent spice captures this change in the way we live here.

I drew some of our favorite interior designers and decorators to reflect on the great events of the year. Read on to find the information and tips from some of the best in the business. Nicole Fisher, Leia T. Ward, Megan Wright, Sarah Stacey, Samantha Stathis, Lauren Meitchry, Hilary Matt, Kate Lester, Anastasia Casey, Shawna Percival, and Christine Turknett all shared their thoughts on what happened last year, and how we did. we can bring them home in 2022.

Photo by michelle nash

Archway Aesthetic

“Home routes take up almost any space – including bathrooms. Archway design enhances public interest and architectural interest.” – Anastasia Casey

Japanese Style

“The style has been on the rise ever since boho lovers and environmentalists around the world have turned their tastes into something more elaborate. Japan is well-known and developed because it comes from Scandinavian and contemporary Japanese designs. less focused on global warming, ecosystems, and global warming. ”- Megan Wright

Great Art

“Great art is back again (pun intended!). We see the desire for great artistic art on big walls. We like to use Juniper Prints which are always the best and cheapest in the program, because they put the skills of most homeowners to the fore.” – Shawna Percival

Old and New

“With significant delays in shipping and rising prices for items we’ve seen recently, old pieces have become very important. more. ” – Lauren Meitchry

You will be blue

“In 2021, I saw a lot of blue colors. A number of clients opted for naval tactics and often opted for political neutrality such as gray or cream. I found myself using shades of blues that have a lot of green, which I see as a refreshing change.” – Kate Lester

Open Concept

“In 2021, we have seen more and more homes move away from the once-familiar concept. Now that houses are home to more families, work, and play, the need for more separation is obvious.” – Anastasia Casey

Natural Resources

“There has been an influx of natural resources and finishes, especially rattan, ropes, and textiles that are the most popular weaving materials. In the same way, I have seen the increasing use of lightweight and natural wood, from black-colored pieces. ” – Kate Lester

Photo by Michelle Nash

Loop More

It dates back to the 1940s when Knoll began using them in his chair to create a relaxed and comfortable look. and almost every designer is using it because of its design in the atmosphere. ”- Megan Wright

Pros Zone

“I have received a lot of meditation requests and a place for yoga as more people are working from home. Stability of a working life takes on a new meaning and creating a home environment can help a person live a better life. – Christine Turknett

Photos on Mute

“Once everyone has settled into their homes, 2021 was another year full of immutable colors, natural forms, and natural elements such as white oak and pine, natural fibrous rocks, and ornate ornaments such as cloth and dirt.” – Samantha Stathis

Naturally Beautiful

“We saw a lot of English style – a little nod to the farmhouse but it’s simple and elegant, minimal and real. The little things here and there give it a very high quality look. The great thing about Traditional English is that it can be interpreted in all rooms. or similar instruments. This means you can replicate or reproduce according to your style. ” – Sarah Stacey

The Kitchen Island Returns

“We’ve seen customers ask for great ideas for a kitchen island over the last year, and one of our favorites has been a meat salon. This makes the workplace more attractive and more functional, good for the spread of charcuterie!” – Shawna Percival

Photo by andaa carson

Go to Modular

“We love the floor, modern, and flexible pieces. Whether they are pushed together like a sofa, made into a small section, or separated into speech chairs, they always appear in our projects.” – Leia T. Ward

Nod in Nordic

“2021 saw an increase in Nordic chairs. As the number of distributions increased, more retailers are carrying Scandinavian chairs and equipment, and are developing Nordic designs to make them more accessible to people. Simple and stylish designs can blend in with many other styles.” – Christine Turknett

Second Activity

“Over the past year, most of our homes have been functioning as a place to work, a school, a playground, and a playground. We are seeing an increase in areas with more goals. Because of the many people who are working from home in the future as it seems, the workplace is visible everywhere. In the same way, we see well-designed schools well designed for learning and / or homework. ” – Anastasia Casey

Ma Curves Ahead

“Curvature refers to the interior and exterior. Other types of this include: arch doors, round beams, and curved chairs. They are more visible in modern environments by softening the white lines you would expect to see.” – Christine Turknett

Flex-Space Living

“2021 was full of easy life. The integration of Samsung Frame TV was a game changer for our customers. We added them everywhere from offices to the playrooms to the large living rooms. – Shawna Percival

Social Media Cycling

“Social networks are very helpful in identifying the structure. I think it makes the system come and go faster because their acquisition is closer to you. At the same time, people get sick of what’s happening because they see it so much on social media.” —Hilary Matt

Maximalism Remains Here

“Different colors, shapes, and colors are everywhere. Comfortable, comfortable living rooms have become a staple for clients who spend most of their time at home. Every open space has the opportunity to be a special moment. ” – Nicole Fisher

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