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Five Ways to Save Your Bedroom (With Big Selling)

Many times in my life, I was afraid of the cold. It is cold, dark, and the weather is cold. Come on! Last year, something went wrong, and I finally figured out how to lean on peace. Little things made a big difference, and now I really am monitoring until the winter months. (Believe me, no one is more surprised than I am.)

Here are my five ways:

1. Take out all the good blankets. (The beauty of these lines is made of 100% lambswool.) We drag them on our beds and sofa, and at almost any time of the day you can find a relative wrapped in one.

2. Climb on very soft blankets. We spend a lot of time in bed – reading books, watching movies, hugging one or another child, and going to bed. We have tried different types of sleep over the years, and the spice we have found is Brooklinen. We start with their high quality sateen sheets, which have a smooth and slightly glossy fabric. Then we add the heather cashmere duvet cover and pillow, which are breathable, light and surprisingly soft. Combination goes well.

3. In the winter, we set up a room to smell the scent (with the help of eight-year-old Anton). We light incense and candles; this one smells like a cottage in the woods.

4. Years ago, Alex taught me about solar panels – have you ever tried one? White light helps your body adjust to the dark days, and you can feel the light.

5. Finally, in the winter, we switch from a lightweight combo to a thick, high-quality. Our bed sounds like a hotel!

Good news: Brooklinen is launching their Black Friday business. Get 20% off your order, no code required. See everything here, if you wish – combine their buttons and towels.

How do you make a good place in the winter?

(Christine Han’s photography and Veronica Olson’s style of Jo for Cup. Jo. This post is sponsored by Brooklinen, a brand we have been using and loving for years.

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