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From Cafés to Hotels to Museums

“A definite guide to Paris – the only list you would like for the best restaurants, museums, and things to do in Paris.” If each the parade in Paris begins with a statement like that, my mind would have left immediately – anyone who knows and loves the City of Lights would agree that such an act is impossible.

Paris is an onion: you fall in love the first time you step on her streets, and each time after that I show off her beautiful back.

If you approach him with the same common, intelligent, and playful interest that the French have, Paris always surprises you. So let this list jump in – then explore, find, and add your Paris dots that speak uniquely to your life.

Read more about my favorite restaurants, shops, restaurants, museums, and things to do in Paris, then mark this if you want to save my Google Maps to show my favorite places. This is a city close to the surrounding area and well-informed, so I always leave the pins and write down my plans for each trip to Paris. I want to hear what you like in the comments.

Best Paris Restaurants (according to me)

Paris should have more restaurants per person than any other city, and I’ve learned from experience that if you don’t get organized, you can accidentally eat ordinary pasta at the only tourist trap you can go to. can write a table. That said, I have also found that going to the phrase “The Best Restaurants in Paris” can be a way to create a more casual, white tablecloth that just shows more than it really does. The best dining experiences in Paris have come as a result of the advice of my community friends, and now, I’m glad to be your friend. Here’s what I like:

Paris Cafés Breakfast and Dinner

Spring: This restaurant is a real day-to-day place. Come and have a coffee, and have some French delicacies like croque monsieur, baguette sandwiches, and a nice plate of cheese.

Ten Belles Bread: Excellent coffee, delicious cakes, and some of the best sour cream in Paris.

Way: L’Avenue is a beautiful place for a good lunch, especially if you are taking a break while shopping on Avenue Montaigne. The outside is where people look, though the inside is amazing.

Cafe Marly: A solid place for coffee and breakfast pre-Louvre.

Miznon Marais: What you need to know is: find falafel.

Cafe Charlotte: Top Brasserie in Marais, Café Charlot is another place to watch if you want to feel like a Parisian person.

Mrs. Ober: A delicious and easy Italian place for all your pasta and pizza meals.

Two Magots: It is a classic result. Sit 6 inches from the next table, order a coffee or a glass of wine, and see the city pass by.

Berthillon Glacier: This popular ice cream shop is the perfect ending to any Parisian restaurant. Take the cone and walk along the Seine.

Best Wine Lists in Paris

Location: A small, fun group of wine for your dreams. Arrive early to pick up one of the few tables – and just walk in.

Deviant: A fun natural wine setting with small bowls made around a nice, sometimes noisy bar.

Septime La Cave: This wine is very spicy and casual – and is the next best thing to find a table on Septime.

Life 2: Exciting vibe and great food.

Paris Restaurant Dinner

Clown Bar: I had a wonderful evening at the Clown Bar with my friends sharing some delicious little dishes and trying a natural wine inspired by their loving, friendly group. Create a courtyard park.

Servant: We went for lunch and the Le Servan-inflected Asian-inflected menu interrupted us. The ideal setting for beauty is the attention to detail, without any conflict at all.

Pizza Chic: You all know how much I love pizza, and the food here is as good as the vibes that make you feel like you’re on an Italian trattoria. I love a delicious lunch or a casual dinner — and it’s always a good sign when you see Italian families eating pizza there.

Balagan Paris: Fun, picturesque and very interesting Mediterranean. Balagan is a party every night of the week, and it’s as much of energy and music as it is with the amazing pita bread. Go early and grab a fun party in a nearby bar.

Clamato: With the same group as Septime, this hip-hop restaurant is a great success. It is also the entry, which is a great opportunity if you forgot to reserve a place.

Friend John: We sat here Adam’s birthday with a table full of friends, and it was a night I will never forget. Our server brought us almost everything on the page, and when we entered the family party, it was as if we were in a nice house in Paris. Do not miss the rice pudding.

Candelaria: Hidden nightclubs, taqueria and shopping area have a hidden back door that goes to the tequila bar.

The most beautiful museum in Paris

Once again, the title of “Paris’ best museum” is a staggering one because there are several Paris museums that I have never been to. I love visiting my old favorites, but let me know in the comments if there is a museum I am missing.

Rodin Museum: The home of the famous sculpture “The Thinker”, The Rodin Museum features beautiful gardens and a beautiful Rodin mansion.

Louis Vuitton Foundation: Modern and state-of-the-art museum sponsored by the LVMH team. The house itself is a work of art.

European House of Photography: Filled with modern art, the museum is home to a magnificent 19th-century museum. The exhibits are changing frequently, so even if you are already there, there is always something new to see.

The Center Pompidou: The museum is not only home to modern and contemporary art, but the building itself is an amazing glass and metal exhibition. It means to resemble a heart that is pumped by arteries made of bright colors.

National Picasso-Paris Museum: This unique building contains 5,000 pieces of Pablo Picasso, as well as his paintings.

Louvre Museum: You can’t go to Paris without going to the Louvre. You can walk for miles across the palace and see the iconic paintings (consider Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and more). It is one of the best things you can do in Paris.

Best Eclectic Restaurants in Paris

Price of Hotel: This is my favorite hotel and the best lunch spot for people to see. However, you really need to reserve a restaurant, especially late at night.

Providence Hotel: Our friends slept in this beautiful hotel. It’s fun and exciting and fun.

Best Shopping in Paris

Food Stores

Since Paris is a whole food (IMHO), I always try to hit a few stores where I can sell coffee, jam, cookies, and sweets to bring back as souvenir gifts to friends and relatives.

Marché Raspail: One of the largest markets in Europe, Marché Raspail is a great place to visit or choose a few of the day’s activities. This is one of my best choices in Paris. Caution: You may find yourself in a dilemma with all the best decisions you can make.

For Housewives: Craving for chocolate? This professional chocolate shop is very good.

Stohrer: This delicious cake shop has some excellent sweets and patisserie, plus a very good interior.

Design Stores

Studio 7L: This is Karl Lagerfeld’s bookstore and is as clear as you can imagine.

Astier de Villatte: This Chinaware store has beautiful statues and glasses that you will keep and preserve forever. Regardless, it’s fun to browse the inspiration.

Madeleine & Gustave – Siège Paris: This specialty shopping center is fun to visit to get a little richness and inspiration. In addition, they focus on local products that are well-made.

Papier Tigre: The paper mall has a beautiful, well-stocked pencil, and home appliances. It is a good place to take a reminder to someone at home.

Au Petit Bonheur la Chance: I love the old antique shops, and this might be my favorite. You never know what you’ll find, but it’s always a good idea to walk through it.

OFR Bookshop: A good library / archive and a great place to browse.

Clothing and Accessories

CELINE PARIS MONTAIGNE: If you crave some time for yourself, any bag, handkerchief, and sunglasses will last forever.

Tom Greyhound Paris: Tom Greyhound is a stylish boutique featuring high-end men’s and women’s clothing.

Merci: I like to browse around this store to be inspired.

What are your favorite things to do in Paris? Leave them in the comments so I can add them to my list another time! And be sure to keep my Google Map guide on your next visit.

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