A puppet show in Paris

Last week, I went to my friend Lucy’s house for dinner, and her eight-year-old daughter stayed with us before going to bed. Instead of asking about school (“What is your favorite subject?” sigh), we decided to play a fun game before bedtime of Would You Like. Here are some of the questions we came up with …

Would you rather:
lost in the sea or lost in the wilderness?
being an amazing singer or an amazing dancer?
do you always feel too hot or too cold?
has the power to fly against the invisible?
go back or forth?
to adopt a dog or a cat?
eating nutritious or just delicious foods?
speak any language or become a mathematician?

Gemma, who sat next to me, described her boys as dark, so she asked: Would you like to cry a little every five minutes or a little every five minutes? Guys, there is a right answer!

Do you remember the children’s book from the 1990’s? I loved it as a child. Alex and I also enjoy playing together for dinner or on a trip.

Thoughts? What questions could you ask yourself?

PS 12 fun game to play with kids, remember MASH?

(Photograph of a puppet show in Paris, 1963, by Alfred Eisenstaedt.)