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Good luck! | | Cup of Jo

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What are you doing this week? My dad arrived yesterday, and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. If you do not know what to say at dinner, here are some funny ideas. Also, I want to say, I am forever grateful for this wonderful, intelligent, intelligent, wonderful group of people, and I love you so much. Thank you for being here, whether you have been reading for a long time or just giving up. Have a great week, and here are some interesting links from the internet…

At Thanksgiving, Julia Child made some Goldfish cakes!

This Portuguese house has a beautiful color palette.

A fun game that you can play on road trips.

Pressure on the children of refugees. “As the first generation, a US-born Latina, greatness was not just an expectation of me – it was desirable … When I answer boldly with my education … my contented grandma smiles and says, ‘Nos vas a sacar de la pobreza. ‘ (Translation: You will lift us out of poverty.) Welp. ”

Questions: Where should you stay? (New York Times)

Also, me on every trip.

The infant is reflecting on the commitment of his parents, approved by the Catholic Church, to live a chaste life as ‘brothers and sisters’ to avoid the sin of death. (New York Times.)

The new video for The Humans looks very attractive. And we see Licorice Pizza on Saturday!

Conversation After Dinner With A 12-Year-Old Boy Who Sent To The Elders’ Table For The First Time At Thanksgiving.

10 rules for Thanksgiving. “Do not take the final roll unless you are 10 years of age or over 65.”

Best 2021 street photos.

Is it right to despise a woman? Talk about her body.

All day sunlight at the North Pole.

Finally, here are 5 amazing sales:

* Lulu and Georgia: Get a 25% discount on the entire page with code THNKFUL. (How beautiful is this cup?)

* Nisolo: Get a 30% discount with code BFCOJ30. These homemade food for sale!

* Living Proof Shampoo with conditioner bundle with 20% discount (no code required). I use this every day.

* Dermstore: Upload up to 30% with code BLACK. Time for these kids!

* Madewell: Get a 30% discount with code OHJOY, plus their best jeans.

And here is our gift guide for 2021 so far, if you would like any ideas. xo

Also, two comments from readers:

Sarah says on the new mom’s reception package: “I wish some great events / great life events come with the welcome package. It reminds me of my first grief after my dad died. A close friend sent me an email with a welcome packet (‘Welcome to The Dead Parent Club,’ I guess?). It was very helpful when my family was trying to do hard work while suffering from brain pain (and reality). Things like: how many copies of the death certificate you will need and what, a list of who you should notify of the death, expect to receive wonderful phone calls from people who want to buy their home, and more. ”

Sarah says at the reception for the new mother: “For me, Cup of Jo was my childhood book. I can’t tell you how often I come to seek the advice or wisdom I need. I learned more about motherhood before I had children through Mother’s Monday program. The lullaby post from 2017 is my part of my favorite reviews of all time. The ‘What Is My Buttocks?’ my counsel has saved me. ‘Just add water’ is the best advice. All the mental health support you shared helped me drive the PPD – and threw it into the Grand Canyon! The story my brain is telling me! Just keep going! Your parental ideas about your children have helped me to understand what I expect and what I do. I know we are not ‘real’ friends, but this community really helped me a lot more than anything else in real life. ” [Ed. note: SOB!]

Note: When you purchase something through our links, we may be able to provide a support service, at no cost to you. We make only the things we like. Thank you very much.

(Photo by Smitten Kitchen.)

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