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Guide to Holiday Gifts: Children

2021 Gift Guide for Children

The best children’s jacket, $ 48, with a printed machine and 100% recyclable. (Comes in 12 colors.)

2021 Gift Guide for Children

Water beads, $ 8, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and cool. You put the little beads in the water for a few hours, and they fill up with water. They feel very comfortable and comforting and good for the audience. Eight-year-old Anton is emotionally drained.

2021 Gift Guide for Children

Children’s waterproof watch, $ 50, which you can take a shower. Nothing magical, just wonderful.

2021 Gift Guide for Children

Aaron Slater, Artist, $ 18, has a dyslexia boyfriend who loves stories. The book is easy to read, and Aaron has two mothers and an older brother who have hearing aids. WHAT a list of these books celebrates diversity and learning diversity. (Another book we came in with is Cake Mix by Mikki Hernandez.)

A small $ 2 bill, which you can find at most banks. (Bonuses if you fold them in the right ways.)

2021 Gift Guide for Children

DIY Jewelry, $ 49. (These dolls and the mermaid necklace are cool, too.)

2021 Gift Guide for Children

Mindscope Twister Tracks, $ 25. It glows in the dark, you can make a variety of moves, the car moves upside down in a 360-degree stunt loop!

2021 Gift Guide for Children

Their face stickers, $ 17, stickers on books, bicycles or water bottles. There is nothing exciting about releasing it.

2021 Gift Guide for Children

Pini, $ 2.50 – or a hat or picture book for dog lovers.

2021 Gift Guide for Children

Sour tackle box, $ 26, eating their favorite sweets and then using a cash / jewelry box / bric brac. (Chocolate here.)

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