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Have a good weekend. | | Cup Yo

Roberta's Pizza

What are you doing this week? I had surgery this week, so we’re asleep, and the guys are excited that Hotel Transylvania 4 is coming out today! I hope you have a good one, here are a few links online…

The Scouts girls made new cakes, and it’s amazingly amazing.

Why making friends in the middle ages is so difficult. (Atlantic River)

Now UKO is up.

My friend gave me this and it has become my favorite part of my beauty.

What does a sweet chicken soup look like?

A five-minute film about a one-minute machine.

Emma Straub on magic (and drama with celebrities and productions) in bookstores.

The baby bee confuses the word “sardoodledom.”

Yeah, this living room!

A day in the life of a very proud shirt. I am. (New Yorker)

These two dances always make me smile.

Also, three comments from readers:

Amanda on your favorite funny pictures: “Oh, my God, the open air from Brooklyn 99! I saw a tweet that says ‘B99’s opener has its own preferences,’ and I agree 100%.

Emiley on 10 ways to help a new mom: “I hope we always follow that advice. I’ve had friends drop ginger ale and crackers on the porch when they hear my kids have a stomach ache; and someone drop a delicious Bundt cake on my porch, not encouraged by anything A brother sent a book that I mentioned he wanted to read. IT’S VERY GOOD to feel loved and to be seen every year by the stage, isn’t it?

After Julie’s death, my brother said: “I lost my parents in death. My brother, who still lived in my hometown, often met an acquaintance of mine who had a mental illness. He kept asking my brother, ‘How are your parents?’ and at first my brother answered sincerely and the man held his chest, shaking with the sad news, but then he forgot. In time, my brother changed the subject to what my parents had always dreamed of: ‘They live in Maui now. It is very interesting. ‘”

(Photo by Roberta’s Pizza and All in the Industry.)

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