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Have a good weekend. | | Cup Yo


What are you doing this week? Mom is coming to visit! He had to return several times, so we are happy to have him in our group. When he arrived, Anton ran to the school and said: “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” Tonight we will watch this video. I hope you have the best, and here are 12 links from the internet, including Christmas wishes and a new HBO… show

My wish for Christmas is that no one can answer for my body.

Someone Elapake, HBO’s new series about a small band in a small town, looks great.

Have you ever been to a hotel of this type of business? He made me laugh.

Looooove this beautiful dress.

The red cookies red crinkles are a reflection of the holiday.

“West Side Story is not for Puerto Rican people like me.” (New York Magazine)

By sitting on the third wheel. “For those of us who realized that the signs of adulthood – getting married, buying a home in the village, being a parent – are not really necessary, if it is not possible for us to achieve it now and as much as we can, to have a relationship outside of the world. would that be all right? ”

Medium questions, hahahaha.

I have been fond of these pajamas for many years and they are on sale.

Ted Lasso four minutes short!

“I canceled my birthday because of Omicron.” (Atlantic River.)

Famous male writers write, ‘u up?’ Like JD Salinger: “If you really want to hear about this, the first thing you need to know is that I’m still in my parents ‘living room, why I’m bothering you this time, and if’ I’ve been better at sex since last time, but I don’t want to get in, if you want to know Truth. Where I want to start is when I ask you if you are awake. “

Also, three comments from readers:

KC says of the fantasy of your journey: “I’m in my mid-30s and travels alone once a year, before Covid. The best listener you enjoy.It’s helpful to have ‘company’ in your ears.

Michele on five readers’ questions: My dad lives a long way from me and he doesn’t like to talk on the phone. So we started a book club, both of us. We take turns choosing the book and then reading it right away. We text each other while we read and then we chat. ”

Erika says to five readers’ questions: “My aunt Karen is one of the world’s most beloved aunts — worldwide, among all her cousins. I realized that her secret was that the youngest person in the room had found all her attention. And, at major club events, he had a great time with us. When the elders talked, they often read books with us. Make it a point to be present when you are together and those little people will never forget. “

(Photo by Ina Garten.)

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