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Have a Happy Sabbath. | | Cup of Jo


What are you doing this week? We are driving to Philadelphia, just for fun. We have never been together as a family, and we are planning to move around the city and eat local food. (Any extras?) I hope you have a good one, and here are some interesting links from the internet…

“Friday in Oregon as my East Coast friends think.”

My favorite daily lipstick, for those who asked.

You know when you walk into a bookstore and you can’t remember the title of the book, so you just explain? Here’s a way to get to the memorable books.

“I’m just 60 years old but I still feel I’m 22 years old.” (New York Times)

Get ready to wear these with classic jeans for the winter.

The best Mundane Halloween costumes in Japan, including “the girl who started the mess but just got on the phone” and “the man who kept the meeting room but someone else and now looking to make sure she kept it before knocking.”

How amazing are these pictures ?!

Thanksgiving menu of our most dangerous dreams.

Oh, what a beautiful Airbnb.

Are the English fields very magical in the autumn?

Love these pictures by reading around NYC. (New York Times)

Also, three comments from readers:

Amber in Libby DeLana’s colorful uniform states: “When I was growing up in the middle, my mom, dad, older sister, and I would go for a walk after dinner every night, rain or shine or snow. Climb up a winding dirt road, enter a rocky outcrop or in the middle of a neighbor’s long road. In summer, it was late in the afternoon; in winter we carried a flashlight. At times, the cats in our family would quietly associate with them, slipping into the trees along the road. My mother and sister were very active, always leading and sweating. Dad and I would sneak over and dream on the way, stopping to pick up tips or look at the mossy fence. These are some of the things I loved as a child, and as an adult, walking is very important for my happiness. My dad has been away for seven years, and I feel like I agree with him on this journey. Most of all, I see him as my two-year-old, who loves to walk around, and he takes his sweet moments, stops to catch every plant and shake along the way. ”

Hannah says: “I sent this message to my mom and sister, and they pressured me to text something they were so proud of. It was obvious he did not like it, but now our story is beginning to show love and hypocrisy. riding with each other and with ourselves. Now I do the same thing with my friends in public, and it is made today to be even better. I would highly recommend it. ”

LK comments on how he can help a stockbroker express his feelings: “My homework was very difficult for my ten-year-old son. At her request, I sat next to her and helped her, and we both felt frustrated and angry. It walked in dark and dark places every day. Then came the Big Thing: we can curse – by word of mouth, with no results, without judging – and the minute the homework math is done, we are back to our regular routine. We laughed a lot, and it was a moment of light. The math work is over, and today the baby is fine. ”

(Photo by thepurrstladies.)

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