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Have a Happy Sabbath. | | Cup of Jo


What are you doing this week? The boys really enjoy Halloween. Toby goes on as a football player and Anton will be a terrifying mask man. Also, I think you want to see an Instagram post about how good CoJ comments are. Firmly admit it. I hope you have a good one, and here are some interesting links from the Internet…

Questions: Is your child two years old?

SO MUCH in this bath soap is very smooth skin.

Old school meals.

“I can marry these pictures of Oscar Isaac.” (New York Magazine)

Memories of being in the market. “You are 12 years old. You are on a bench near a geometric fountain in the marketplace.

Icebergs are beautiful.

I’d like to wear this sexy dress.

This two-minute podcast story – about a boyfriend – made me laugh out loud. This 11 minutes – about going to the hospital – also made me laugh out loud.

The interviews for the sale of these homes were wild. (New York Magazine)

Hidden photos.

Also, three comments from readers:

Lauren on the subject of sacred smoke, I have been in NYC for 20 years: “Most of it was lost when a man lived in New Yorker, but for me it was obvious. I worked as a volunteer at a local wildlife hospital, and I was feeding a sick pigeon. so I quickly removed the tube and took him to the worker to tell him what was going on.I remember this passage moving slowly: when I started to say, ‘Hey, this poor man is vomiting,’ the dove shook his head, some food flew away, and it fell into my mouth. The dove shut my mouth. This is my first story. “

Linda says the best advice I’ve ever had on a relationship: “My husband does not show initiative. He considers every decision, big or small. One day, she was trying to choose between carrots or cucumber lunch boxes and I asked her how she decided to marry me. He immediately said, ‘You were important and not a choice.’ We don’t exchange gifts, but I feel like a diamond. ”

Katie on Stanley Tucci’s powerful idea for pasta: “I will never forget the time we were inspired by local food to make a pasta paste at Airbnb in Genoa… and put pork in it. good but confusing, ‘and I think we have pork + pesto to thank for getting 4/5 stars. “

(Photo by goldendoodledoos.)

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