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Have a Happy Sabbath. | | Cup Yo


What are you doing this week? As it is, Toby wants to watch a “love movie for kids,” so we chose Little Manhattan tonight. Monitoring! I hope you have a good one, here are a few links online…

Immigrant parents say ‘I love you.’ (New Yorker)

These Succession parody videos on Instagram by UNCANNY.

Cream white chicken is located.

This is on my Christmas list (my thoughts, Alex). (Bonus: Get a beautiful bandana for every $ 200 purchase or more.)

“Good parents take their skills seriously. My wife is always ready to provide for our children, and it is a challenge for me. ”

Also, “Sorry you can’t join our street gang because you don’t know ballet.”

How is the weekend in Rome?

A great gift for coffee lovers. (In addition, get 15% off registration fee with CUPOFJO15 code.)

And kindergarten ?!

This candle sounds like bread baked with butter.

Love these NYC recipes, like roasting and slices of pizza. (New York Times)

Jennifer Lawrence pipeline. “The hopeless and hurtful hopes of these women make them fail. We lift women up on their feet without their consent and then place them in the palms of our hands. We give them no other choice but to disappear, to remain silent. much of what they were before. “

In addition, four comments from readers:

Emily says of the wonderful coupons that your children will enjoy: “A friend gave her five-year-old son ‘a vow of 20 minutes’. He was so excited that he immediately stepped in and opened the last of their gifts and sang ‘buttocks !!!’ ”

Commenting on the fun coupons your kids love, Penny says: “’Drinking a cup of coffee’ was the most popular coupon for my 13-year-old son.”

Jane, one of the 12 students, commented on dating: “The first time I had sex with my now-married girlfriend, she asked, ‘Would I be wrong?’ and I replied, ‘Uhhhh yes?’ He replied, ‘Hey, we’re all about to be comfortable in this house,’ which has been a recurring theme and was truly * sexy * at the time.

Claire, one of the 12 students, commented on relationships: “Growing up, my father often had ‘backsliding.’ When he got home, I remember listening to his footsteps to decide when to say hello and how to say it. His thoughts sounded like my caring job; it was heavy and tiring. I met my husband now in high school and he is the most stable person. Her feet are steady, calm, and always welcome. She is my home and she is lovely. Also? It’s amazing.stable.
New shave? Stable.
New home? Stable.
Political rage? Stable.
To lose weight? Stable.
Are you rich? Stable.
For a minute, I let his stability seem to be rejected. Over time, I have allowed myself to embrace and embrace her enduring love. Permanent confession. Permanent happiness. I also learned to send a text that said ‘it does not feel right in this dress, can you?’ Which is funny and beautiful. “

(Photo by Tami Hademan.)

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