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Have a Happy Week. | Cup of Jo


What are you doing this weekend? I’m going to see The Rescue tonight, and tomorrow we have a chicken cake for Alex’s birthday. That’s his preferences. We hope you enjoy the following, here are a few links online …

On November 10, in Brooklyn, I interviewed the amazing Kate Baer about her new book. Please sign in, if you are free!

My aunt Lulu was dressed last week and she was very good looking.

How to talk to people with dementia.

The ability to take things in stride. “‘Generous’ is the ability to see what we have already done that we do not understand and to look forward to the kind ways to explain it to them. It is easy to do this to young children. It is difficult to do this for the authorities – especially the co-workers, and yet a generous interpretation of their complex systems is often correct. ”

Love everyday shoes.

Small dioramas make me smile.

Thanks to the readers who recommended the Paper Palace – it’s so good!

Is this the best chocolate cake in the world?

Reduce Your Focus Eleven Season begins this Sunday. Here is the cart.

How fun is Mundane Halloween, when everyone dresses like ordinary people?

Jimmy Fallon’s contribution to Nancy Meyers’ movies, haha.

The artist depicts his brother’s struggle with mental illness. (New York Times)

Also, two comments from readers:

Madeleine relates four interesting things: “One day my husband was in the park with our one-year-old son. One family and their son were playing nearby. My husband and other men started dating – you know, the usual ‘how old is your baby?’ the type of story in the stadium. However, the couple and their son carried their belongings and loaded their car to leave. After sitting in their car for a few minutes, Dad came back (alone) and shyly said to my husband, ‘My wife says I need to have more Dad’s friends, so she sent me back here to get your number so we could chat.’ My husband was overjoyed and very upset when he told me later. How beautiful! I just like to think of a car conversation and the man’s wife ‘makes him’ come back to ask for my husband’s number. However, we meet in the park next week. This can be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. ”

Kelley says in an interview with Toby and Anton: “When my husband came to the bathroom to help me one night, my four-year-old son said, ‘Here comes Daddy’s tear-jerker!’ It makes me wonder what kind of pizzaz they offer to rub my buttocks that I am not!

(Photo by Yossy Arefi. Don’t take things for granted through Kottke.)

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