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Have a Happy Week. | | Cup Yo

Snow-covered mountain Brooklyn

What are you doing this week? New York is snowy, so we will be making snow angels and drinking hot chocolate and listening to the boys blow out because of the cold. (Right now, how brave is my friend Leah ?!) I hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from the internet…

Dirty chocolate cookies.

Video chats no one has ever mentioned in real life. (New Yorker)

52 things I learned in 2021 by Jason Kottke. “When writing the Charlotte Website, EB White needed 17 to read Charlotte’s death because she was crying.”

Which sneakers are best for walking? (I wear this everywhere.)

The baker also examines the burning process in movies and on TV. “They lie to me and I don’t like being deceived. No way it happened in five minutes. ”

What does this salad look like?

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson broke the cycle in The Lost Daughter. (More on this video next week, I LOVED it.)

Goals for a swimming pool.

Love this wedding look. (New York Times)

Alcohol-related behaviors of alcoholism And Like It… “Initially, most people with alcoholism did not sneak into the bars, shoot in the middle of the day, or steal from their husbands… with our drinking and the meaning of life.”

He made me laugh.

In addition, four comments from readers:

“For a while,” Sarah recalls, “I swam with headphones in the water, but I preferred to keep quiet. Sometimes I think of deep things and go here and there. Sometimes, I think of dinner. And my favorite way to pass the time if it feels slow? Go to the names of the people I slept with, in order! The number is NOT too high, but it makes my brain thrive for eight times. 😉 ”

Joslyn commented on five exciting decisions: “This year, I chose the theme: ‘Live your life to the full.’ My best friend teases me all the time and sends me text messages asking me how I am LLTTF-ing. But the idea is to stop wasting my time on sh * t nonsense. Take a book instead of circling Instagram. Dedicate yourself instead of watching my favorite TV show. Stay with my children instead of doing too much. “

Tenley comments on five exciting sentences: “2022 is my wonderful year! I look forward to going to the feral. I moved into my first home on my own this year, and I had a vague idea that ‘Well, I have to do better.’ But what about trying so hard when I can just be so amazing? I bought dishes with wild cats instead of “larger” ones, sewed dinosaur printing costumes, painted my bright pink street, let my garden experiment, and tried to say the hardest things on the first dates. I don’t care if my house looks like it was designed by a child. I want to say, ‘It’s wonderful! instead of ‘So-and-so.’ ”

Capucine commented on five ways to add roasted vegetables: “My French mother-in-law put ‘chapelure’ on fried tomatoes or zucchini. With old bread tossed in cuisinart with shallots, parmesan, salt and pepper. Cool them out of the bag, and take out whatever you want your children to like. ”

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