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Have a Happy Week. | | Cup Yo

Fifth Brooklyn painting by Griffin Ungar

What are you doing this week? Omg the comments on this post were GOOD, I can read them all day, every day, forever. Thank you very much. This weekend, we have some of our longtime friends asleep on Saturday; they are like my aunt and uncle Toby and Anton. I hope you have a good one, here are a few links online…

LOVE the new HBO show about a 40-year-old woman returning home to Kansas.

“You have been invited to a wedding that I planned for elementary school,” haha. (New Yorker)

I will be wetting my hair all winter.

A beautiful mother’s letter on the death of her young daughter.

For the Jews, attending the synagogue was a daunting task. (New York Times) Thinking about our Jewish friends, writers and readers. A bigger post is coming up again this week.

7 things I stopped doing at dinner parties. Do the same for every party. I’m not kidding. The mental strength you can maintain without repairing everything will be great… Our choices include Greek chicken (which can sit in the oven until ready), Greek salad, Mediterranean quinoa salad, fried potatoes., And layered bread. . ”

How beautiful are the paint colors in this London house?

“I’m tired of explaining why I don’t drink.” (New York Magazine)

Why Amanda Gorman almost never read her poem at the inauguration of the President.

Apple cheddar quesadillas.

Regularly in New York Magazine’s Lookbook, especially the latest on port workers.

In addition, technical expertise for readers 9:

“The lowest note in ‘Happy Birthday’ is the very first. Start at the bottom! Stay together, people! – Abbey

“Also, Happy Birthday should be sung quickly, especially in public. Most people start slowly, and it sounds like a morose. It only takes five seconds for me to finish.” – SB

“Without a word, put a plate of vegetables and clothes in front of your children an hour before you eat. Do not look or talk about it, for fear it may offend the children. Research on this phenomenon has not been reviewed by peers, but in 97% of all cases, all vegetables are eaten when you take any carbohydrate and cheese mixture you have heated in their bowls. —Megan

“When you go to a gathering or a meeting where you do not know anyone, find a long line and stand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bathroom, a bar or a buffet – it will give you a reason to stand next to people who are not looking hard and a few minutes to get carried away, and it is easy to start a conversation when you have the same. (wow, this toilet is slow; or wow, shrimp smoke looks good). – Meg

“I just learned that this is true: If you think everyone hates you, you should sleep; if you hate everyone, you should eat! —Jill

“When you ‘re talking to children and you think,’ This is fun, but it seems the kids are almost done. We have about 20 minutes to go, ‘you only have ZERO minutes left. You have to pick it up and get out! Every time I fail to pay attention to this, I curse myself when I face adversity, APPROVAL, hunger, and so on. – Lora

“Do not try to force the issue. I’m deep into the world of online dating, and it’s not fun to do if you have a taste for good music and then talk about the latest indie band when you can’t care less. (Ask me how I know it.) My dating history now says that I do not like music, which leads to more conversations than ‘singing music.’ Be honest with yourself! “—Emily

“My help, courtesy of my father: If someone you love is grieving, just stay close to them. Do not look at your phone or try to talk, just keep quiet. It’s very difficult to understand why you can’t fix their problem. So I sit quietly next to them after the memorial service and the funeral is over, and no matter what the food or services I helped them with, my presence would later tell them how much they appreciated it. ” – Mikaila

“If you have been accidentally lifted, walk with your dog.” – RME

(Photo by Griffin Ungar.)

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