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Have a Happy Week. | | Cup Yo


What are you doing this week? Anton has the money to buy bread for his school, so we are discussing what to make. The boys were thinking of some kind of fall, or maybe the keys to a lemon? Any ideas? (For a moment, I ‘ve marked apple tarte tatin.) I hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from the Internet…

Love this on vacation.

Many of Adrien Brody’s outfits in Succession were his thoughts, haha.

The new West Side Story video looks great.

Wellington, New Zealand, has more than 300 cable cars imitating the occupants of their homes. Very cold.

Can you stay overnight?

Primary Kids discounts 50% off family pjs, 50% off selected dresses, 40% off puffers, and much more. (Our children live in this.)

Wildlife artist.

A little love story: “Your husband may be leaving you now.” (New York Times)

A beautiful colorblock dress.

Love this youthful joke.

Venus and Serena play tennis as children.

Also, two comments from readers:

I say about 10 gifts for men: “Because my family is big, I love the holiday gift – one nice, small thing that works for everyone. This year is a beanie. Each of my grandchildren is taking one, and they are all exactly the same. , so no one doubts who’s favorite. “

Kate says of the 12 gifts for women: “Instead of donating to Planned Parenthood or any of the world’s largest corporations such as ACLU or NARAL, please consider donations to local abortion funds. These big corporations have a lot of money and make a lot of money a year – and they need that money in big cases and so on. But on the contrary, small amounts of abortions and hospitals operate slowly, and provide fines, medical care, transportation, lodging, and much more for people who need abortion and could not afford it. This is a quick way to help those most affected by abortion prevention, and to invest in our communities instead of making huge profits. Your dollar is moving forward – with direct attention to one of the missing neighbors. Thanks for thinking about me! ”

(Photo by Victoria Rose via Brooklinen. New Zealand link via Swissmiss.)

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